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The Nation of the Parisan, it has stood the test of time since the Sazashi Revolution. It is a nation of stalwart traditions, and of tempered pride.   Headed by the Queen of the Parisan, and her council of family heads, this nation provides much of the military might of the The ValuSelu Pact.  


The Parisan Nation of Valdutan was founded during the Sazashi Revolution. The Parisan, sought to hold the mountains and verdant grasslands of the mainland, preventing Verin forces from using the land or traversing it to gain access to the leadership in Aempis.   After the Wars end, they declared their held land Valdutan. With much of the Parisan roots still dug into Verin Government ideas of family, the nation quickly elected a Nepotistic government, where heads of families ran the affairs of the government while being lead by an elected Queen or King. Since its founding the Parisan nation has never had to give up an inch of their border to their neighbors, nor did they seek to expand.   They as a nation stayed primarily neutral during Jhoutai's conflicts, only fighting offensive wars against the Sheljt during the Aempis revolution, and against Humanity during the The Advent War.   When Clasnithra Illithra Khandea came of power in Aempis, and began to form a new The ValuSelu Pact, Valdutan were amongst the first nations to sign on, noting the danger that the newly formed Church of The Somnolent and The Verin Haimarchy posed to the individual Sazashi Nations.   Valdutan helped convince their neighbors, Valuser'rh and Faur'ridar'ru to join as well.  



A Valdutani traditional currency that has evolved over time, the chains are symbols of societal significance. Gold and platinum chains are rewarded to Valdutani for jobs well done and for honorable mentions. It can also be a punishment, iron chains are used to brand those who commit crimes or atrocious acts.   These chains can be exchanged for goods among the Valdutani. A single gold chain can get armor repaired, or food for a week. These chains have to be displayed on a person at all time, which helps given others a quick view of a Parisan's worth in society.  


The primary export of the Parisan is their powerful soldiers. These warriors are known to defend and not give an inch, and they will often find themselves on the front line of defensive wars. On these battlefields is where the Parisan of Valdutan shine.  

Technologies and Luxuries

Parisan Families have some of the longest lineages of expertise in all of Ethnis. There are Parisan families dedicated to producing a single export, and they have committed to that product for generation upon generation. Valdutan is responsible for most of the Meissner Train technologies. They were the primary minds being the global networks of mass transportation.   They produce some of the finest armors and melee weapons in the universe, though they often do not sell this technology to any non-Parisan.   Their luxuries such as Helmshigh Brew are renown for their quality, and have a price point that matches their reputation.  


The Government of the Parisan is ran by a single elected queen, who comes from one of the powerful families of the Parisan. Beneath her, is the council of Elders, which is a roundtable formed of the heads of all Parisan families. Most matters of government are taken to this council, and are then passed to the queen who decides the final outcome.  


The Parisan Culture is one of long-standing traditions. Festivals of strength and Parisan values are held every year, and have been held for centuries. Traditional festivals are held by each individual family as well, grand feasts and events where other families are invited to partake in the hosting families tradition.  

Ownership of Planets

Valdutan takes ownership of many planets that are part of the Pact, these planets are primarily owned by a family of Parisan who oversee its functioning. Who owns a planet is typically voted on by the Council of Families, based on who can use the planet the most effectively.   These planets are often more varied in culture than Valdutan itself, but are primarily operating under the business model of the family who owns it.
A beautiful country, you can not help but share the pride of the Parisan people when you visit their homeland. Every street is rife with history, every building holds a grand story.   Every citizen is more than eager to regale you with tales. It is a place of wonder, all built upon the Parisan spirit.
— Valdutan Tourist
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Becoming a citizen of Valdutan is near impossible as only Parisan born into a native family can hold the title. However they have a powerful visa program, that encourages others to help contribute to Valdutan's economy.


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