As long as the Fermi Paradox upholds, and assuming we don't Uplift any Earth species into fiction enthusiasts anytime soon, then you, reader, are likely Human, and so will know a good amount of the story of Humanity already.   Descended from apes in the Cradle of Life in Africa, humanity boldly set out across the globe in search of greener pastures and redder meat. They grew wild in river valleys, and over generations of effort formed a spiderweb of civilization sprawling the whole of their globe.   Beyond that? Ethnis.

A World in Chaos

After the turn of the 21st Century, earth took a turn for the worst. Humanity had grown in number faster than it had grown in wisdom. Its mindset was not globally sustainable.   Capitalism ran its course, putting profit over sustainability, and humanity was unable to correct itself in time. Global climate change, unchecked plagues, economic crashes, a cold-war arms race of unmanned drones and bioengineering, and countless other crises.   Buried under a strata of apocalyptic terrors and existential threats, humanity clung to any hope of survival it could find. A tapestry of brutal violence and beautiful collaboration followed.

The Alien Advent


The Rise and Expansion

Modern Times


A Unique Element of Meta

Humans have access to a unique element of Meta called Astral, this allows them to generate phantoms of themselves. These phantoms retain a portion of their skill, making them invaluable for tasks which require multiple people.
  Firstheart are the core human. You, reader, are a Firstheart.   Bleakheart are the offspring of those humans who have grown up in regions of corrupt meta. They have mutated so that their bodies match their minds, for better or worse.   Ireheart are a breed of super-soldier meant to survive the physical and mental rigors of war.   Gearheart were made for colonization and to interface with technology. Venuan (Unplayable) are Firstheart descendants who adapted tricks like telepathy.   Undaunted (Unplayable) are the next step from Ireheart, though have a slight more Meta focus and less physical focus than them, and have a unique element which revolves around their emotions.

Human Kinds

Sub-species of Sophont are called Kinds
Though they are the youngest entrants into Ethnis, Humanity hasn't wasted any time proliferating across the stars. Not all may agree, but the broad consensus is that Humanity has earned its place.   Their existence poses a question: why are they similar to the Verin? Verin-Sazashi similarities make sense, the Verin invented them, but how is it that Humanity, an alien species, has so much in common? Whatever makes the two similar must have happened in prehistory, but is often attributed to the Wheel.   Despite the weight of the question, few are willing to dedicate their lives to finding the answer, and fewer have made progress.
— Lortha Sendra-Oshai
from Sophont of Ethnis

Cover image: Hologram Wheel by Ademal


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