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The Undaunted are a child Sophont to the IreHeart and were made to survive on the chaotic, weather-torn world of Distra.

While other humans from Distra mostly died of exposure, the Undaunted surived, and now form the backbone of Federation labor and military.



While they may have Ireheart lineage. Undaunted are very much their own species. They are still strong, and often have broad features, the features which often catch the attention of most are their horns and their eyes.


The Horns of an Undaunted are draconic in appearance, textured and curving from where it juts out of their reinforced brow. Though this feature often causes people to think they are descended from Verin, instead they spliced with a Gorge Gasher.


The eyes of an Undaunted are much like a human's, albeit with a vague, horizontal diamond shape and nictating membranes. Their eye colors are a range of yellows, golds, oranges, and red, sometimes a gradient or pattern of multiple colors.

Genetic Ancestor(s)

Cover image: Undaunted by Ademal via Midjourney


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