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Ademal's Design and Art Portfolio

With pricing, rules, and examples

Rates and Rules

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I charge 30 USD per hour of work
  • I am upfront with costs
  • I'm open to collabs or trades
  • I may choose to charge less
  • I am open to minor negotiation
I will estimate my time cost upfront
If my estimate is incorrect I will soak the loss and not charge you for it. If you do not provide clear enough specifications I will not provide this until the sketch is done, as the design loop can be time consuming.   If you add major changes after the fact I will charge extra for that.
I do not charge a commercial fee
Commissions may be used in your commercial work, edited or as is.   When we discuss terms I may ask about using your work for promotional material or prints, with credit given back to you where due.
This is my commission timeline
  1. Discuss and confirm terms
  2. Discuss specifications with you
  3. I'll ballpark my time estimate/price
  4. I'll draw some base sketches
  5. I'll finalize my time estimate/price
  6. I'll get your approval on them
  7. I'll charge the first 50%
  8. I will complete the project
  9. I will share a low-res for approval
  10. We will go over any edits or tweaks
  11. I will charge the second 50%
  12. I will provide all related files
I will provide updates
I will update you within reason at the various points of the process.   Please understand that patience is key.   If you contact me looking for progress or changes, I may not immediately respond.   This may be the result of life, timezone differences the fact that I am busy, or even how this is time consuming work.


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I may decline a commission
If I find a comission request distasteful I will deny it. There's no harm in asking.   I may also decline if I feel the work to be beyond my skill. If this happens partway through the commission I will refund the full price paid to that point.   I may also decline commissions depending on subjective reasons, current workload, and real life.
I don't work with rude people
If you are abusive and rude I may choose to refund part or all of your fee and abandon the project. I have never had to do this. You'd have to be a turbo-jerk.
I'll help design, not lead it
If you don't know what you want I find that ends up being painful for everyone involved.   Unless we're close, please come to me with a somewhat settled vision of what you want.


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Listed beneath each is the type of work done and roughly what it would take me in terms of time.
Helyk by Ademal
(Simple Lineart) 4 Hours.
Kajh Bust by Ademal and Redwolfsam
(Shade, Texture, and Color) 2 Hours.
Ahzsrin, Aen by Ademal and Redwolfsam
(Shade, Texture, Effects, Color) 6 Hours.
Adelai by Ademal and Anonymous
(Shade, Texture, Color) 6 Hours.D
Allarah, Faeo by Ademal and Redwolfsam
(Shade, Texture, Color) 6 Hours.
The Meta by Ademal
(Photobash, Paintover) 4 Hours.
Ongleon Sporophyte by Ademal
(Photobash, Paintover) 3 Hours.
Kona and Niko by Ademal and Redwolfsam
(Shade, Texture, Color) 8 Hours.
Thief Eater by Ademal
(Shade, Texture, Color) 3 Hours.
Vigor Mortis Portrait (Base) by Ademal
Vigor Mortis Portrait (Heatmap) by Ademal
Vigor Mortis Portrait (Soulmap) by Ademal
Brak by Ademal
(Photobash, Paintover) 6 Hours.
Glowing Wheel by Ademal
(Digital Paint) 2 Hours.

Layered Images

Back to Rates   If you are getting one image with multiple edits for the sake of making a map as shown to the right, I will treat each version as a version rather than a new character unless the change is too drastic and is essentially a new character.   The above edits of vigor took 20 minutes for the heatmap and 5 for the Soulmap.

Generic article | Oct 29, 2023

Learn how to create an interactive map on World Anvil.

Diagram → Vigor Mortis Soulscan

This map combines the above three images.


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Vigor Mortis by Ademal
(Photobash, Paintover) 6-8 Hours.
Maiden's Flowers by Ademal and Redwolfsam
(Shading, Color) 2 Hours.
Gaze of Anthem by Ademal
(Photobash) 3 Hours.
Sophonce by Ademal
(Photobash, Effects) 1 Hour.
Wayhall by Ademal
(Photobash, Effects) 6 Hours.
Faecha and Feathered Cognivore by Ademal
(Photobash, Paintover) 4 Hours.
Monolithic Transcendance by Ademal
(Photobash, Paintover, and Effects) 4 Hours.
Vampire Vine by Ademal
(Photobash, Effects) 1 Hour.
Grimsby by Ademal
(Photobash, Effects) 1.5 Hours.
Brak by Ademal
(Photobash, Effects) 6 Hours.
Ongleon Wall by Ademal
(Photobash, Effects) 6 Hours.
Apex Barney by Ademal
(Photobash, Paintover) 8-10 Hours.

Logos and Icons

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Monolith Seal by Ademal
(Lines, Texture, Shade, Color) 8 Hours.
The Wheel by Ademal
(Lines, Texture, Color) 12 Hours.D
WWWWatchworks by Ademal
(Lines, Texture, Text, Color) 2 Hours.
Digger Company by Ademal
(Lines, Texture, Color) 2 Hour.
Crest of the Church by Ademal
(Lines) 2 Hours.
Seal of the ValuSelu Pact by Ademal
(Lines) 1 Hour.

Completed Commissions

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(Lines, Texture, Shade, Color) 2 Hours.
Done for Kyran for The Forgeguard Legion
(Lines, Texture, Shade, Color) 2 Hours.
Done for Kyran for The Stoneguard Legion
(Lines, Texture, Shade, Color) 1 Hours.
Done for Kyran for The Forge Council

Cover image: Ademal's Portfolio Cover by Ademal


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