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The Stoneguard Legion

A Stoneguard kalic stopped by the company today, sniffing around for a fugitive giltling streetkin. Nothing but council sanctioned thugs for the most part. It seems as if strapping a dwarf with platemail and handing him a greatax brings out the natural superiority complex found within most of their race. They didn't find the giltling, obviously.   --34th of Silver, Year 72


Officers   Sten- Supreme general of the Stoneguard. Serves on The Forge Council and commands the Stoneguard legion.   Stal Kasta Sten Pa- High Commanders. Each commands a vonya (1000 units) within the Stoneguard and oversees four Ett Kasta Sten Pas. Serves directly under the Sten.   Ett Kasta Sten Pa- 1st Class Rank General. Each commands a vonya within the Stoneguard and oversees four Tva Kasta Sten Pas. Serves under a Stal Kasta.   Tva Kasta Sten Pa- 2nd Class Rank General, Commands a vonya within the Stoneguard and oversees four Tre Kasta Sten Pas. Serves under a Ett Kasta.   Tre Kasta Sten Pa- 3rd Class Rank General, Command a vonya within the Stoneguard and oversees two Kasta Sten Pas. Serves under a Tva Kasta.   Kasta Sten Pa- Rank General, commands a vonya within the Stoneguad.   Karna- Commands a ruksa (225 Units).   Ett Stal- Commands a chet-kalic (54 Units).   Stal- Commands a kalic (11 Units).   Regulars   Ett Class- 1st class soldier.   Tva Class- 2nd class soldier.   Tre Class- 3rd class soldier.   Noye Class- Private

Public Agenda

To carry out the orders of The Forge Council and the Old Dwarven Government in order to protect Stadupglod from chaos and darkness.


1.7 million soldiers, consisting mainly of Dwarves.   28,000gp   Enough armor and weapons to equip every unit twice.


Founded in the immortal eon as the main military of the Empire of Dwan, once Death was released the Stoneguard legion (2 million soldiers) of Stadupglod was stranded in the city. Alvar, Son of Iron, the original Sten of the Stoneguard, was instrumental in using his men to help bring peace to the city during the rise of The Forge Council.   Recently, Alvar, Son of Iron died, leaving his youngest, Alfhild, Son of Alvar, as the new Sten of the Stoneguard amid many who opposed Alfhild's command.

For Dwan and for the Stone

Military, Knightly Order
Alternative Names
Feetmen, Dusters, Hatchets, City Guard, Peacekeepers
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization

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