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The City of Stadupglod

The City of No Sun

From the top of the Great Forge I could see over all the people, all the thin metal shanties, even over the old grey stone of the dwarves’ buildings. I could even see all the way to the volcano's rough walls, which rose up higher than eyes could see to the top of the mountain, somewhere on the ruined surface of this planet.   The city stretched out before me like a maze, and I squinted in the noon light of the runeflower across a deep lake to the entrance to the lowway where the fragile metal of the slum Down-town glittered. The thin wind that always circulated the city carried with it the stink of the place, and I put a handkerchief to my nose. It always reminded me of the oldroads. Behind me, higher up on the city's disk and clad in marble, were the delicate estates of the wealthy surrounding the imposing Palace of Iron.   For better or worse, this was Stadupglod. I continued to climb.   --8th of Silver, Year 70


Population in thousands   Forge Council Races   Humans - 2000   Elves - 750   Dwarves - 3000   Panoi - 250   Gnomes - 850     Mongrel Races   Fairies - 10   Goblins - 4000   Orcs - 3000   Minotaur - 1200   Nyarl - 450   Halflings - 1000


The Forge Council - A group of fourteen individuals: 4 Iron Dwarves, 5 Quen Elves, 3 Old Ones (Humans), a Gnome and a Panoi, who control both the Quenmithal agents and the Forgeguard army and who pass laws and ordinances that are legally binding for every civilian of Stadupglod. The council members serve for life and are invited by the rest of the members to fill empty seats.   Old Dwarven Government of the Dawn Empire- The ex-immortal dwarves that were put in charge by the leaders of the old empire before the release of death and who controls the loyal Stoneguard army. The head of the city is the governor, Tordis, son of Iron.


The Runeflower - A massive gnome built construction that is covered in a myriad of different light producing runes that resembles a large flower. It rotates on a track far above the city along the walls of the magma chamber every twelve hours, and every twelve hours it cycles between daylight and moonlight.   The Great Forge - A massive, half-mile tall building in the center of the city that houses the Anvil, a dwarvish weapon of immense power.   The Obelisk - The biggest and most popular fighting arena in the city.   The Lowway- An immortal Dwarf construction project started to connect Stadupglod with the lost capital of Dwan, Goldthrone. Continued by the now mortal Old Dwarven Government in a desperate attempt to reach their leaders. It has been under construction for the last seventy-five years.   The Cogni Agum - The gnomish university of Stadupglod, created to preserve the knowledge of the immortals.

by Shady Anklebottoms
10 Million
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
The Planet Dwan
Owning Organization
The Forge Council
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