EyeShine Implants

Cosmetic eye implants or overlays

EyeShine Implants are ubiquitous cosmetic accessories and implants which people of all ages use to express themselves. They are commonly paired with Cosmetic Holograms, hair and skin dye, Body Sculpture, and other such symbols of status, clique, and social preference.

It was once said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but in our world of neon and glamour it's hard to see in.   Buy EyeShine and your soul will shine among a crowd. We have 70 new configs across our 2 new lineups, and 300 configs for our classics!
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Tech Clade A mixture of Mech and Orga, company-dependant.
Access Ubiquitous. It is a common fashion accessory.
Complexity Advanced. Eyeshine is programmed using special tools. Permanent implants require operation.
Manufacturing Mass-Produced. The high demand for Eyeshine keeps entire companies and countries afloat.

Cover image: Hologram Wheel by Ademal


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7 Jul, 2018 05:55

I want these please. Make them.

7 Jul, 2018 05:58

What color and pattern?

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7 Jul, 2018 14:12

Purple and pulsating... I think?

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