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Body Sculpture


Body Sculpting is the social movement of cosmetically modifying your body for the sake of style. It is unlike Genestruction in that traits don't pass onto offspring because they are not genetically distinct, but are instead added via implants or body manipulation via other technologies.  

Common Sculpture

A popular type of Body Sculpting which involves adding animalistic properties to the client. This adds no major benefit to the Sculpted person, as it is aesthetic modification rather than functional.     --
Designer Genders
After the initial rush of gender dysmorphic patients, Sculptors began to re-popularize the post-gender ideals, and began to conflate sex and gender by allowing any gender to be expressed by sex. After all, why adhere to a norm when you could explore new grounds, break old norms, and establish new ones? This saw the advent of hundreds of new designer sexes and dozens of subtypes within each.

Body Sculpture Copyright

One of the lesser-discussed complications of Body Sculpting is that the major Sculptors have gone through extensive efforts to make their sexual sculpts infertile and incompatible with other's sculpts. Different pheromones, chemicals, and so forth can cause some of these add-ons to not work around eachother or to have to hope of fertilization even if the owners are trying to conceive.   The tragic, amusing, and unspoken part of this is that in some major metropolitan areas it has caused a divide in the populace. Clubs will often put up symbols saying which body sculptors endorse their establishments, which in turn encourages only people with those Sculptor's addons to go, which draws unseen lines in the population exacerbated by further advertisement predation by those Sculptors.  




Tech Clade
Body Sculpting uses a mixture of all three Clades.

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