Helmshigh Brew

Millennia of experience distilled into each bottle.

There are many ways that Alcohol can bring a high price. Specially tailored ingredients, millennia of experience, exclusivity, reputation, quantity. Helmshigh Brew is all of that.
— Brewmaster of the Helmshigh Family
Helmshigh Brew is the primary export of the Valdutani Helmshigh Family. The expensive Liquor has been produced in the same fashion using the same ingredients before the First Contact of Tower Spoke & Via Lactea.   This history makes it one of the oldest brands in existence. The price of the bottle matches the practice, but many claim that when enjoyed with friends or loved ones it is a life changing experience.

A Social Experience

In Ethnis, there is an endless array of new experiences being distributed every other day. Yet there are also traditions that have spanned the course of generations. Helmshigh Brew is one of those traditions.   Brewed in Helmshigh Estate and nowhere else, these brews are notoriously expensive and highly praised for their complex flavors and intricate details. Each bottle is hand-signed by the current head of the Family as well as the Brewmaster who supervised the creation. Often times, only those with ties to the family can procure themselves a bottle if the supply is low.

A Helmshigh never leaves home without a bottle of their brew. The Tradition is to share it amongst those you grow close to on your pilgramage.
Helmshigh [Parisan]
Helmshigh Brew is... well its something to behold for sure. Sweet, savory, I almost want to say it reminds me of scotch in character, but the way it holds on your nose and clings to your tongue. I can't put it to words
— Human Consumer


Helmshigh Brew is concocted of a locally grown grain crop with a multitude of spices and sugars. All bottles are aged for decades within the Family cellar. The yearly product is released after the family has tasted and approved a sample of each barrel in their annual festival of which only close family friends are invited to attend.

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5 Apr, 2019 13:06

I don’t drink alcohol but this sounds nice. Are you going to write about the family?

5 Apr, 2019 17:52

I definitely should! Thanks for the suggestion!

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:) For those of us who haven't tasted scotch, is there any other way to describe it?

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https://www.worldanvil.com/w/ethnis/a/helmshigh-family   Got the family done! I would describe it as a very... earthy sweet taste. Sort of like a potent tea with a almost subconscious sweet taste the longer you hold it on your tongue.

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