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Gone is the sweeping nobility attributed to Verin, and all that is left is a race doomed to look unimposing. As a rule they are never tall and they hardly ever look strong, even when they are. Their culture was abandoned by the other Verin and raised by the Ral-Mi, which distances them even more from their counterparts.

Appearance and Physiology

The average Faecha is just under five and a half feet (165 cm) and stout, with black hair and eyes that can be sapphire, ruby or some mixture in between. The average male is dashing, with a beautiful counterpart. Faecha have a high body heat, which is a boon in cold places but causes them major issues when it comes to tropical rainforests and deserts. They also have the unique bonus of having random traits from their parent races, Chea and Faeo, pop up from time to time.


The Luea split from the world, but the Faecha were cast into it. They were not one of the original races of Verin, but the children of the Faeoand the Chea. They were born into a time when the average Verin lived centuries, and they were meager and incapable by comparison; they were cast out, considered unfit for life but undeserving of murder by the Verin. The Faeo had the cities, the Chea had the deserts, the Luea had the waters, and the Sauthei had everything in-between. The only unclaimed land was frozen tundra where no other Verin could manage to live. The Faecha dug into the snow and were forgotten until the time of the Sazashi, when the Faecha suddenly had to contend for resources with the Nasyk. Again they were driven from their homes, not able to return without the aid of Ral-Mi guardians.


Once upon a time, the name of the Faecha was Faeocheaverin, which roughly meant The Day-Night Verin, but the world deemed the name ridiculous and not at all fitting the relatively small bodied crossbreed of the Faeo and the Chea. Instead, Faecha became slang for the name of their race and the Verin word for bastard/trash.

Faecha make their homes in isolation, and have been too concerned with their own survival to hold a major grudge towards the rest of the Verin. They let themselves be concerned with little, a fact expounded by their numerous interactions with Ral-Mi/Hiserabi culture. When cannibalistic Nasyk hunt Faecha for game it is most often the Ral-Mi who rise to protect them, bringing with them their clusters of Hiserabi and all their customs. As such the Faecha practice a loose form of Scir'ra, the Hiserabi practice of using other's belongings when they're not being needed.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

The Faecha language is a softly spoken marriage of Hiserabi, Ral-Mi, Chea, and Faeo dialects. As such it is considered one of the most difficult and beautiful languages.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants

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