Azukenda (Verin Head of Family)

Overseer of Verin Family Affairs

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Azukenda as a position arose from the time of Kyzan, when the early Verin tribes banded together and chose from their kenda someone to serve as the high kenda.   In modern times azukenda speak on behalf of their families and organize family affairs. This is a position of extreme power, and may afford the azukenda command over entire worlds.



The mantle of azukenda is passed down from azukenda to azukenda. Primogeniture rule is considered first, but it is not a given that the eldest child of the azukenda will get the position. Typically the family competes for the position to be bestowed upon them, a process which can take hundreds of years to culminate.   If the azukenda dies the position is stewarded by the eldest family member.

Payment & Reimbursement

The azukenda serves the family, the family serves the azukenda. It is their job to keep the family organized all hours of the day, which typically becomes a full-time occupation. As a result, most azukenda are fed, lodged, and pampered on the family's money.

Other Benefits

Azukenda may be in charge of entire worlds or systems, and are the final say in law on those worlds.



In ancient times the azukenda sought the council of their peers and, using the information given to them, made executive decisions as to what the tribe would do. They managed resources, determined who would take what roles, arranged marriages, and were at the forefront of inter-tribal diplomacy.   In modern times, azukenda do much the same, but instead focus on the affairs of their direct bloodline rather than of a tribe.


Dangers & Hazards

Due to the feudal nature of Verin families, inside and out, the power inherent to being the family azukenda puts them at great risk and scrutiny. Most azukenda experience at least one assassination attempt during their leadership, and most either keep a clean record or a public relations team to handle the unavoidable smear and scandal campaigns launched in an attempt to undermine them.

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  The symbol of the azukenda is nearly a mirror image of the symbol for Monolith, and is based off of the headdress Kyzan is depicted to have worn during his early years as the Faeo azukenda.   The headdress is made of Aeolamen feathers on a circlet, and features a symbolic representation of The Wheel at the brow.
Alternative Names
High Kenda

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