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Estate Enforcement

Because many Sazashi Nations operate in a dynastic manner, with estates operating as nearly independent political entities, Estates can be responsible for operating their own enforcement. These organizations are known as Estate Enforcement.
Yeah, if you cause trouble with the Helmshigh Estate Enforcement, then you are in for a bad time. Parisan are sweet and nice, but as soon as you piss them off you begin to realize just how much bigger than you they are
— Helmshigh Visitor

Local Enforcement

Differing Policies

Each Estate Enforcement body can operate differently from eachother, as they are only bound to enforce the laws and policies of the estate they are based in. This means that it is important to understand the rules of each estate a visitor passes through, as certain places or behaviors may not be accepted from estate to estate.

Per Nation

Each Nation of Sazashi has different upbringing, and only a few nations have dynastic estates that still stand. For example, Aempis has little in the way of Estate enforcement. While more tradition nations such as Valdutan and Faur'ridar'ru are almost entirely comprised of dynastic settlements.

As part of the Pact

Within The ValuSelu Pact, Estate Enforcement does have the ability to raise criminal accustations to the Banner level, however they are not allowed to enforce ordinance outside their estates land. The only exception to this rule is when Estate Enforcement is contracted to serve justice outside of their jurisdiction.

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Parent Organization
Estate Enforcement is strange, it feels like a royal guard but it acts more like a local police. A strange mix of heritage and efficency.

Cover image: The Wheel before the Wayhall


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