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Rajhska ReligionFaith

Written by Ademal

Rajhska is one of the core religions of the ValuSelu Pact. It is marked by tenants of self-control, spiritual awakening, and tactics for handling interpersonal conflicts.

Rajhska organizes people by four Paths, each one correlating to an aspect of the Wheel.

Conflict (War)

Focuses on justice and consequence.

When you understand war you understand the face of fear, and through understanding you defeat it.

Society (Economy)

Focused on the interactions and transactions of people on scales small and large. When you understand your place you will be humbled by how smalls you are in the moment, but exactly by how important you may be in the eyes of history.

Purpose (Faith)

Focused on understanding purpose in order to seek perfections, and in such treats the pursuit of perfection as purpose.


Focuses on understanding the elements which make up the universe and our position within it.


We all walk all paths in our lives. Some walk one path further than the others.

— Rajhska Proverb


Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
Raska, Rass
Parent Organization
Related Ethnicities

Higher Powers

Rajhska esteems the Monoliths highly, as it sees each monolith as a success of their path. To them, Transcendence is a form of nirvana, and reflects a greater self-mastery of not just skills, but of the Soul.

They also harbor some degree of belief that Sovereign are higher tier Monoliths.

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Author's Notes

Summer Camp Prompt 13

Describe the tenets or precepts of an organised religion in your world.

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