Neon Gods

The Neon Gods


"The Neon Gods" is the collective title given to the first three Engines developed within Aempis.

They are considered the peak of Virtual Intelligence and classified as Sophilect intelligences.

Laugh all you want. When was the last time the Monoliths or Sovereigns responded to your prayers?

— Trinity Worshipper

One of a Kind

Warden, Foster, Anthem—You'll never see Engines like them again. There was a special chemistry to the teams which breathed life into them, a chemistry destroyed by the ravages of time and differences of opinion. Some of our greatest philosophers, scientists, engineers, and neurologists collaborated to create the Trinity, and the events of history shaped them to mature, to spark into a higher self.

Unfortunately, much of the original teams are either long dead, or serve other Banners now. They couldn't be remade even if anyone wanted to, and no Engine made since has been so advanced as these three.


Alternative Names
The Virtual Trinity
The Trinity
Parent Organization
Notable Members



Missing. Core lost during the Lacuna


Fragmented. Severely damaged by the Wayhall Closure.


Operational. Attends to Pact civilian life.

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Garrett Grace Lewis
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You're correct!

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