Ashiris Khandea

Written by Ademal

Ashiris Khandea is the Aempian representative of the ValuSelu Pact. She stands for Aempis and the rights of the Aen living within the Pact.
Ahrisis is very much the daughter of Clasnithra. In her eyes is that same calculating spirit. She has greater empathy than he does, but not to the extent that it's made her soft. It's clear that she puts us first, but unlike Clasnithra has managed to do so without making us a prisoner of our own lands.
— An Aen

The Chosen Daughter

As happened with his father to him and onwards up through the Khandea line, Clasnithra chose his successor based not on age, but on how their personality reflected the era. He developed each of his children in their own way—some brutal, some kind, some warriors, some Psiolic.   When the The Harrowing nearly killed Anthem and Clasnithra, it made him realize how close to the end of his reign he was. Clasnithra no longer knew how navigate this new world, but saw in one of his daughters, Ashiris, the same willful and knowledgeable outlook to the world that he once prided himself for.   Few expected him to choose her. Most thought he would choose his closest son.  
I am proud of him, but he will bring war. Now is an age for a great diplomat, and there is no greater diplomat than my daughter, Ashiris.
  Ahsiris took over shortly after and helped to pen the final and most recent version of the ValuSelu Pact. Clasnithra moved to an advisory role, but even in time Ahsiris proved so capable that his interaction became unnecessary and he committed himself to becoming a Divinorium.

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Divine Classification
Monolith of Diplomacy and War
Current Location
Jhoutai (Planet)

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Summer Camp Prompt 14

Write about an influential woman in your world and what they achieved.

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