Generators of Meta

There's a noble sacrifice in becoming a Divinorium. You lose so much sense not only of self, but of time and space, of everything. In becoming something more, you become something less. Sure, there's tales of Divinoriums who retain their sense of self, but I think those are just rumors told to allay the fears of those who volunteer.
  Divinoriums are crystal spheres which generate Meta. They are made when a Monolith Imbues its soul into a large crystal gem. The size of the gem represents the Transcendence of the Monolith who created it, as well as how much meta it outputs. The smallest divinoriums are a half meter across, the largest are on a scale of 15-20 meters, and are typically used as a World Heart.   Because of the worth of Divinoriums, Monoliths are typically offered massive wealth and esteem to their survivors in return for becoming one.

Tech Info

For more info, read: Introduction to Technology  
Meta Property Enchanted
Tech Clade Meta
Access Common, Divinoriums are everywhere, as they form the metaphysical power grid which powers society.
Manufacturing A Monolith must Imbue their soul into a strong enough vessel with Kyzanry to turn it into a Divinorium.
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