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Death doesn't have to be the end

Written by Ademal

Kyzanry is the practice of manipulating, controlling, and compositing Sophontic souls, usually for use as slaves or to prolong your own lifespan. It differs from normal enchanting because Enchanting uses fabricated souls called Anima, Foci, or Soluma (there are minor differentiations to each), whereas Kyzanry specifically uses the souls of those who were once or are currently living.

  Kyzanry is named for Kyzan, the first Sovereign and Psiolic (mage) of Ethnis, in death he did not stay dead. In other settings this would be called a Lich, in Ethnis it's referred to as a kyzan, kyzani, chaezan, or other such derivatives of the term.

  Forms of Kyzanry involve creating golems, abominations, and necromantic slaves.

  Mar'rianianism has close ties to Kyzanry.
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