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A Neon Goddess Gone Missing

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  • 19800

    Sensate is Invented
    Technological achievement

    Anthem invents Sensate to make her people happier and more productive. The ability to share sensations and emotions quickly catches on in subcultures, countercultures, and among friends.  

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    Fear of the future drove many to turn inwards, to take control of their lives by way of hedonistic endeavors. Within the ValuSelu Pact, Engine Anthem exacerbated this with the invention of Sensate, a peer-to-peer thought and sensation-sharing implant. It caught on like wildfire.   At first it was lauded for the simplicity of communication it allowed, but as new versions allowed for increasingly complex transmissions of sensation the domestic market thrived. Sensate communities emerged, each a tribe unto itself. As they shared more and more of their thoughts and sensations they became quasi-hiveminds—factories which began to incidentally flood the world with wild thoughtforms such as Echo and Foci to the point of becoming a global disaster. Most were weak enough for an Auric Scrubber to dispatch, but by sheer volume they still managed to lurk in all the dark corners of the cities. From one of the larger Sensate tribes rose a particularly vicious Focus, Desire.

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  • 19820

    The Rise of Desire
    Life, Career

    In the social void left by existentialist fears of the future and Sensate abuse, a Focus, Desire, grew from concept to become powerful force.  

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    After her incidental creation by Sensate tech, Desire grew, supported by her tribe and gorging on a diet of her Foci kin.   Desire possessed a capability of foresight and planning rare to her kind, and with her growing intelligence came to unite many Sensate tribes into a cult. Her will spread, less by word and more in the thoughts and souls of the expanding sprawl of her Sensate network. Before long her influence settled into the bedrock of the Banners which had come and which had yet to form.   In her expansion, Desire demonstrated the tactics which Hedon still uses to this day. She acquired ally after ally, forming networks of owed favors, blackmail material, and trusted zealots in places high, low, and common. She became famous for the deeds done in her name—acts which won her the favor of entire communities.

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