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Exorcists are Psiolic trained specifically in the prevention, abjuration, and containment of Psychic Manifestations, which are as much a concern to civic health as infrastructure, medical response, and sanitation.   can present a psychic sanitation threat in same way undisposed waste presents a sanitational threat. For this reason, all moderately sized cities employ Exorcists ranging from night squads of Janitorial Errants canvassing the city streets for Poltergeists to notoriously mad Shade-Slayers.

Exorcists also often end up in death-adjacent occupations such as forensics, crime scene investigation, justice, body disposal, disaster response, morticianry, and near-death care, where their ability to see and interact with Echos the Soul is invaluable.

While reliable, cities do not merely rely on Exorcists for this task. As part of their Meta-Infrastructure, many cities also have Imbuements (created and maintained by Exorcists) protecting the populace automatically.

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