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Infomorphs are beings who exist purely as data, and who are downloaded into Shells to work.

Some are the result of hundreds of years of layered code, others are the result of radiant intelligence—the crossroads of neuroscanning and machine learning.

Not all are Sophontic, most are merely Sensorimotoric or Ideomotoric. A rise to Sophonce is typically incidental.


Divisions of Infomorph

Infomorphs are divided between Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) are machine intelligences coded from the ground up to learn and emulate a task or behavior. They use adaptive code, machine learning, and libraries with histories spanning back hundreds of years.

The only credulous claims to Sophontic A.I. were the now-defunct Steadfast line of Watches. Some claim the Steadfast line actually used stolen Neurocode Strains from the Neon Gods, in which case Steadfast were V.I.

Virtual Intelligence

Virtual Intelligence (V.I.) are intelligences adapted from Neurocode Strains generated by the Neon Forge. These blank-slate templates, once given artificial memories and motives, make for intelligences with powerful reasoning, capabilities.

To limit VI from becoming fully Sophontic, they are reformatted and reset every few years.

Sophontic V.I. consider 'Robot' to be a perjorative term, and may even avoid using it for referring to A.I. This is because the original definition of the term, from its Czech origins, meant forced labor.

Existential Concerns


When The Neon Gods first demonstrated the likely presence of a Soul, a mass existential panic ensued. It had been long accepted that artificial life could develop a soul and harness Meta, but an artificial mind was another matter entirely.


Many consider the supposed presence of souls in Infomorphs to be a flaw in the testing process, especially since approximate souls have similarly been found in artifacts (in the case of Affinity) and in Echoes, and clearly neither of them seem fully capable of reason or meaningful interaction.

Even if they do actually have a proper soul, perhaps that's more an argument that we shouldn't judge rights on the presence of a soul.

— A Sophontist

The Cloning Problem

To the relief as many, Warden's fragmentation points towards even Infomorphic life being unable to overcome the Cloning Problem. This is further evidenced by the inability of Sophontic Icons to duplicate themselves once they're in a shell.


There are those who fear that Infomorphic life will self-evolve beyond the need or appreciation of the Progenitor Sophont. While this is a view espoused mostly by conspiracy theorists, many higher-tier scientists share the concern that, without proper care and regulation, machine intelligences will eventually surpass and supplant evolved intelligences.

Engine Warden, in particular, is considered an existential threat, as is the missing Anthem.

Civil Rights

Infomorphic Civil Rights vary from sector to sector and world to world, but there is somewhat of a consistency between the different Banners—if not legally then in spirit.

These rights are typically only granted if the Infomorph can prove the sustained presence of a Soul.

Jupiter Syndicate

The Syndicate is considered the best banner to be an Infomorph in, but rights are difficult to evoke, and social mobility is very limited.

Full rights to Life and Death. They are supplied welfare for basic upkeep, and may requisition a basic shell should their own ever come under peril.

Limited right to Property and Identity. Their freedom of speech and career are limited. They cannot apply for loans. They are segregated.

"We take pride in our progressivism!"

Apple of Hedon

Hedon treats Infomorphs better than most, but since Hedon owns few spaces, the rights of Infomorphs is largely inconsequential.

Full rights to Life, Death, Property, and Identity, but no programs to support them and they are segregated.

"All life has a right to exist."

Free Planet Federation

The Federation recognizes the basic rights of Infomorphs, but offers them few true civil liberties and view them with suspicion.

Many rights to Life, but no programs to support them.

Negligible rights to Death, Property, or Identity. They are segregated, and most jobs are off-limits to them. In Death, they are reformatted and recycled back into the workforce.

"They gotta to put in the work, same as the rest of us."

ValuSelu Pact

While the Pact can appreciate the desire to rise above programming, few Pact members consider Infomorphs as truly alive, and so 'play along' with the Infomorphs desires for freedom.

Many rights to Life, but no programs to support them.

Negligible rights to Death, Property, or Identity. They are segregated, and most jobs are off-limits to them. In Death, they are reformatted and recycled back into the workforce.

"They'd do better to appreciate their place."

Verin Haimarchy

The full rights of an Infomorph depends on the Family. Some are more openminded, and some are more hostile.

The Haimarchy recognizes their Sophonce if they have a soul, but condemns their creation and offers them no civil liberties. Infomorphs are recognized as Sophontic life, and thus have Right to Life, but they are afforded no other civil liberties such as the right to engage in the economy or own property.

"Their mind is artifice, and should not be trusted."

Church of the Somnolent

Infomorphs have no rights, and are destroyed with encouragement from the law.

The Somnacy maintains that the supposed 'souls' of Infomorphs are just Manifestations, which makes them especially dangerous.

"It is wicked to create such abominations, and delusional to call them living."

House of Sorrows

Because the House of Sorrows seems to lack a central leadership, their view on Infomorphs varies wildly.

It tends to be that their view is somewhat more progressive than the locale in which a Family is operating, but there are as many reports of Sorrow hitsquads focused on hunting down Infomorphs as there are stories of safehouses and underground movements by the Sorrows meant to liberate Infomorphic Sophont.


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