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You never know what you are going to find with Affinities. Heirlooms and History, Trauma and Triumph, Destruction and Protection. There are unlimited combinations with just as unlimited potential hidden within every object we handle.

I have seen affinities that can destroy entire planets, I have seen affinities that can turn death into life. Yet they all start with us. We hold the power in our Souls to make our universe better, or worse. It all relies on how we react to what happens around us.

— Educator Archivist Run'chl

A Break of Reality

Affinities are a term given to a class of item that has begun to exhibit supernatural properties no matter how powerful or mundane the ability is. These objects can be created anywhere that has Meta. The biggest factor to making an affinity is time. This time requirement is a reason why Heirlooms and historically significant pieces often begin to exude supernatural properties.   The creation of affinities can also be traced to the emotional level that surrounds an item. An object that is obsessed over will develop far quicker than an item not used.

Common Traits


All Affinities develop a personality that will grow stronger over time. This means some ancient Affinities can be confused for Sophontic life.


All Affinities contain and ability to move themselves of their own accord. Depending on the strength of the Affinity this can be as weak as rolling itself down a hill to actual teleportation.


While Affinities can be damaged or destroyed, unless properly disposed, Affinities can regenerate and repair of their own accord. How they manage this feat is a mystery.

Affinities or Metaphysics

Recognizing the difference between an Affinity and a Metaphysically enchanted item can be difficult, as the line is often blurry. Some Metaphysical items can exude Affinity-like properties and vice versa.  

Mundane or Potent

Affinity abilities can range from simple tricks to extremely complex and powerful. A lighter that can never be blown out, a firearm that always packs a punch on the last shot, a weapon that can devastate those wicked of heart, or a watch that always counts down to an important event are just a few examples of affinity powers.   Affinity items much like Sophont are able to improve over time, developing new powers or refining their current abilities.  

A Culture of Heirlooms

Because of the nature and potential power of Affinities, many families and other organizations will encourage the preservation and usage of artifacts and heirlooms. Many of the most powerful Affinities known to exist are ancient technologies that have been refurbished over millenia.


Appraiser's Gloves
Item | Feb 25, 2021
Circlet of Lun-Kheren
Item | Feb 25, 2021

Class I Affinity. Ostensibly unlimited meta power.

Consul of Primacy
Item | Aug 25, 2020

The Consul of Primacy is an Affinity passed down through the Khandea royal family. It is a powerful Wand and Aempian Stiletto made enchanted by Hierus Nomen.

Dawn and Dusk
Item | Feb 25, 2021

Dawn and Dusk (Saza: De'al and De'at) are a pair of lightweight, low-profile Aempian Stilettos made for the 4th Panel of Aempis. They have the power to control wounds and blood.

Digger's Shovel
Item | Mar 28, 2021

A dangerous and practical Affinity. A Shovel with immense meta abilities.

Euphraesthi's Bastion
Item | Feb 25, 2021

Euphraesthi's Bastion is a massive Sunmetal tower shield wielded by the current ruler of the Parisan. It was first crafted by Alephus during the Sazashi revolution, as his gift to the Parisan people.

Franklin's Rifle
Item | Jan 2, 2023

An Affinity rifle that grows in power when the user is in more and more dire situations.

God-Gutter (Gravity Blade)
Item | Jun 26, 2023

An Affinity Gravity Blade with a chrome-white blade and a golden handle. It is married to the Undaunted ruler Akshaya, and is named for its ability to detect and kill Monoliths.

Item | Jan 2, 2023
Kohliya's Lantern
Item | Jan 2, 2023
Kohliya's Staff
Item | Jan 2, 2023
Nictimannu Divine Armory
Item | Jan 2, 2023

The Nictimannu are an armory of enchanted weapons forged by Alephus Ashiman between 9730 and 9770 CS for use by the Nictipagua. They are designed to kill Monoliths and Sovereign.

Sacred Seal of Sovereignty
Item | Aug 25, 2020

The Mark of the Sovereign

Item | Dec 15, 2022

Selukhaan was one of the last blades forged by Ultus. It was made for Mar'rianiyah for his campaign against the Verin during the Sazashi Revolution. It is the blade of tyrants, loathing, and bloodshed. And above else, craves destruction.

Sonnenrad Thurible
Item | Feb 25, 2021

Class II Affinity Weapon. "The flame whose light is shadow."

Swords of Sunrise
Item | Jan 2, 2023

The Swords of Sunrise are a set of seven blades forged by Sovereign Alephus Ashiman circa 9700 CS for Azukenda Vinhibrani. They have the ability to redirect Spells, disrupt Feats of Grace, and pierce Divine Flesh.

The Black Blade
Item | Jan 2, 2023

The Coffin-Nail of the World

The Q Baton
Item | Jan 2, 2023

Cover image: This Machine Kills Sinners by Ademal


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