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The Q Baton

I once stood besides him, the wielder of the Q Baton. I watched as his wrist moved in languid shapes. A melody seemed to form from thin air. Such a compelling tune that every single one of those pirates fell into a trance, like they had just been sung to by sirens of old. I could only imagine how I would have been had he not warned me to turn my audio down.


The Legend

A part of The Orchestra of Hellfire, the Q Baton is an Affinity item that has been lost on the surface of Kytheria.

Many souls both private and hired venture of Kytheria in an attempt to find the Q Baton. Some believe it has already been found, wielded in such secret ways that it's wielder has gone unknown for so long.

Others, such as the Operant Actors believe that only the most compelling of dramas will allow the Baton to be revealed.



The Q Baton when it was last described consisted of a well polished quartz and bone. When it use, it has been said that is can glow a brilliant white, enough to blind those unprepared depending on how powerful the wielder was.  

Current Whereabouts

The Baton's current location is unknown. Some believe it is buried in the verdant lands of Kytheria. Some believe it has been taken by The Archive. Others think that it is waiting to find an owner, hence the legend spread by The Clade of Operant Drama

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Current Location

I know the Q Baton, you'd be hardpressed not to hear it swore by in the streets of the City. I've heard it spins songs that can drive an enraged Ireheart to cry. I hope whomever finds it has good intentions.


Cover image: Banner of the House of Sorrows by Timepool


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