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The Clade of Operant Drama

Drafted by Daniel Jackson and beefed up by Ademal Jacklyn for Summercamp 2019, Day 1
The Clade of Operant Drama is mysterious guild operating in sympathy to the House of Sorrows. They themselves are a type of Sorrows, albeit with their own interpretation of the Sorrows and approach to respecting them.   Dramatists collect into family units called Troupes or Rings. Each of them adopts a persona and acts the part for the rest of their lives, increasingly in costume until the person beneath is gone entirely to the act. There are rumors that the most esteemed among them become are possessed by demons. They are distrusted by most organizations, but popular in the public eye for their frequent philanthropy.

All the world's a stage
    And all the men and women merely players
      They have their exits and their entrances
        And one man in his time plays many parts.
— William Shakespeare, As You Like It

Theatre: Undying

The Clade has made itself synonymous with theatre, if not acting as a whole. They are ostentatious, yet often untouchable, gangsters with wit as often loved and harbored by the locals as despised by the government.

For Hire

The hallmark of a good criminal organization is being able to operate unseen by the general populace. If someone truly must be seen, that's where the Actors come in.
— Mafiose
For negotiable fees, some troupes will fulfill various roles needed by the organizations hiring them. Need a group to think they threw off a tail? The actors are skilled in tracking, and faking a loss. Need someone to raise a ruckus? They'll provide the best money can buy.   As a group skilled in being seen, they often take cover with local theater groups; the fondness of Pact settlements and worlds of the theatrical arts providing them ample opportunities to blend in. Burly actors provide muscle, while nimble actors provide a good target for a chase. If an enemy is too busy chasing an actor, they'll be too busy to look at you. If blending in to a theater group, the rest of the group can either be Actors or patsies at the Casting Director's discretion.


A Director oversees the Actors and chooses which missions they undertake.
A number of Casting Directors oversee the training, recruitment and assignment of Actors to the undertaken jobs.
Below these ranks are the Actors themselves, often grouped by seniority and skill-set.

All the World's a Stage


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Guild, Professional
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The Actor's Clade
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There's demons at the highest level, and they'll turn you into a demon too.
— Ynek'k, TruthIsOutThere Blog
  As Dramatists climb the ranks of the Clade they wear increasingly elaborate costumes and masks, until the person underneath is no longer visible.   Superstitious folks believe that these Dramatists have wrapped themselves in a chrysalis of concepts and underneath metamorphosed into a demon.   Common consensus is that this is silly, but a fun story. The Dramatists like to lean into the myth.

Cover image: The Young Dramatist by Ademal


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