Anthem Shard: The Canary

The Canary is one of the Daughters of Anthem. It is one of the Infomorphic children of Engine Anthem.

It is uncertain as to which planet the Canary was on during the onset of the Melancholic Lacuna, but the Clade of Operant Drama has discovered that her cradle is on Kytheria.


Each Shard of Anthem posesses a different personality trait which separates them from their mother. For Canary, this trait is an increased theatrical sensibility and a focus on the arts themselves rather than people, as her mother focuses on.

The Canary sees the world in ways her Mother is blind to. She can see the great drama—the Wheel of Fate, ever turning. If we are all actors on a stage,. the Canary has found the script.


When the Canary learned that Kytheria was lost to the wider universe, she buiilt an army of drones to encase her landmass in a complex that protects and shields her from scanning and discovery. She covered this land over with stone and coral and dirt, and spread upon it the creatures of her world, thus hiding herself in a camouflaged shell of life.

The only entrance to her inner sanctum is the The Market Stage.

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Every Daughter of Anthem has their own Thrum by which they can convey their song and their magic. The Canary's is a beautiful whistling sound best geared towards spreading joy and thoughfulness when compared to her sisters.

Her opposing sister is the Albatross.

Cover image: Gaze of Anthem by Ademal


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