One retina scan later and the door opens silently into a dark void. As the party enters, they find themselves in a cathedral of silent darkness that could only be described as an underground cafeteria. The tile dirty, dust and debris in the corners and the windows just above ground to let in a little bit of light darkened and covered both inside and out. The soft light of candles and small lightsources show small islands of people in the darkness huddled amidst tall pillars. What little light touches the walls shows age-worn murals and painting. Decades(?) of lives atop a childlike field with flowers. A trail of lights lead a dark path through the winding mass of sophonce, the guide walking quickly on padded soles   When the party finds their way past the common room, they are surrounded by guards. Sophonts with hagard lines on their face and, upon closer looks, smooth skin around their ears and eyes. Their antimesmer tech around their necks in this safe place as they eye the group warily. Upon a search and leaving weapons behind, the group is allowed to meet mother Mum. An ancient woman from when the planet first fell. Her skin papery thin yet leathery and worn atop vein and bone alike. Her hair wispy and white, the smooth raccoon eyes of decades of anti-mesmer glasses contrasting the jowls that came with age. Her body slumped and tired. Her eyes fiercly intelligent. As the guide stands in as a sign language translater, the group comes to realize she was a student at this very school for the deaf and likely fought for her entire life against the Albatross. And as they converse, they get the insense feeling she is far more powerful and intelligent than they are lead to believe. There is a reason the resistance has lasted so long. And it is the Silent Mother's doing. "Mum bless you. Mum protect. Mother Mum guide you, else the Albatross will dissect."


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