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Virtual Intelligence of Sophilect Capacity

In Brief

Engines are Virtual Intelligences (VI) designed to handle massive, high-detail tasks. Each one is unique, but they all tend to be branched from the first Engines designed by the early formations of the Jupiter Syndicate and the ValuSelu Pact.

Example tasks of Engines include organizing battle strategies and ship formations in galactic, naval, airborne, and terrestrial warfare and managing the economic resources of a city, country, faction, banner, colony, or planet.

In Full

An Engine is an Infomorphic lifeform with a core personality drive (similar to Sazashi Akjhe) which encourages them to act and think a certain way. Most are benign, and are seen more akin to spirits or neon gods than beings or machines.

The limitation of an Engine is the amount of computational power and input they're given. Some Engines, such as the Neon Triad of Anthem, Foster, and Warden, have cities worth of hardware spread across the stars and linked by ansibel to give them a staggering amount of raw power.

Within days of us activating her in secret, Anthem compiled herself into a cohesive consciousness and began to absorb volumes of information. She developed as only an Infomorph could: with all the processing power provided to her but with a child's naivete. She chewed through raw data by the petabyte, building a framework of opinions and biases, then sweeping them away in the face of new knowledge until all that was left was the distilled definite and the heuristics of bias it took to get there. A personality.

"I, Anthem." Her first words, a reference she'd made all on her own. It was printed to a screen one moment, then spoken in static, and finally sung for us all to hear.
— Malcolm Madelhari Malkovich

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Engines cannot reproduce without assistance, but their 'children' are branches from their main with personality adjustments and using new hardware.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Engines can see by whatever input they are given. Some are given a camera system spanning a city, some are given nano-clouds, some can interface with any device on their network. The list goes on.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Engines are named according to their utility and Banner. Typically they have single-word names.

Major Organizations

Engines are almost exclusively found within The ValuSelu Pact and The Jupiter Syndicate, as they originally created the Engines, but sometimes one will be given to The Free Planet Federation.

Beauty Ideals

Engines typically appear as androgynous and pleasant to look at without being ostentatious. Though they could construct holograms that look nearly indistinguishable from any other person in Ethnis, they usually choose to appear as the digital constructs they are.

Gender Ideals

Engines have no sex or gender coded in, but will often shift their appearance to fit a personal preference or give off a certain feeling.


Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Digitalis Emergere Techno Sapiens Rex
Related Myths
Sophont Classification
Sophont or Sophilect, depending on the Engine

Prominent Figures

Tech Info

  • Jento Getta Tor Sai
  • Sathu Eshir'r Tor Naru
Tech Clade(s)

Ubiquitous, anyone within the sphere of an Engine can communicate with it.

Pivotal, even the people who invented it still are learning about its capabilities.

High, a single Engine can maintain a planet on its own.


Cover image: Gaze of Anthem by Ademal


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Sage Happy4488
Matthieu A.
6 Jul, 2018 08:16

Can engines be implemented into an artificial body, and be played your games ? I really liked the idea by the way ^^

Sage Happy4488
Matthieu A.
6 Jul, 2018 08:29

Also, it kind of gives me some Borg vibes from Star Trek Voyager. Is there any Engine that went crazy, took over a planet and started to build its army of automated ships?

6 Jul, 2018 14:57

I actually talk about Shelling a little in the article below, and intend to describe more on the process, but they can definitely puppet physical bodies! The larger Engines like Anthem, Warden, and Foster, though, have too much information to fully download.   There's probably some! But I specifically tried to design Engines in a way that makes it hard for them to be evil. They have stronger morals and empathy than a living person because they can dedicate cubic miles of processors to simulating and processing the pain they are putting people through.  

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