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Osborne Jadey

Osborne Jadey is the most public member of the Tor Jadey family. He serves on the board of the Directoriate as CEO of Victory Corp.

Victory Inc

Osborne started to gain much of his power when he was placed into power of Victory Incorporated on Eden before The Bannercasting. The company churned up groundbreaking products under Osborne's leadership. The invention of Æthernet alone propelled the company into one of the most recognizable corporations in the Universe.

The Company continued to grow from there, modernizing and improving Engines, and bringing the brightest minds of all Sophont together.

When The Bannercasting occurred and the Somnolent began his rise to power, Osborne echoed much of the technology industry and denounced the xenophobic and isolationist policies set forth. When push came to shove and the Somnolent called out Osborne, Osborne started to band the corporations together to leave Eden and find their own home. These corporations banded together to find a new home.

Father of Fundamental Meritism

The issue that came up when the corporations landed on Victoriana (Planet) was how they should lead their government.

Osborne knew that without a new system of government, the Corporations would fall into the pitfalls of an unrestricted capitalistic society. So he began to draft the system of Fundamental Meritism. The corporations, eager to get their government started, agreed to adopt the system drafted by Osborne and have had to do little to maintain it since.

Maintaining the Syndicate

Since the founding of the Syndicate, Osborne has maintained his power over Victory Corp. His body is now primarily robotic, though built in the shape of the Aen he once was. He is still as active in the politics of the Banner as he was in the original founding, and many of his fellow CEOs heed his advice and experience when he offers it.

You never stop moving towards the future, because it is always moving towards us.

— Osborne Jadey
Voice Actor
Liam Christopher O'Brien (As Frisbee from Redline)


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