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The Directoriate

The Figureheads of the Jupiter Syndicate

Literally the biggest group of uptight suits... all packed in the same room... all talking politics...   God I'm glad I'm not in the Syndicate anymore.


Most Syndicate Citizens approve of the Directoriate, stating their efficiency because their success is tied to running the Syndicate effectively. Net-Leechs vehemently disagree stating that the Directoriate stifles anything that doesn't line their pockets.

The Board

The Directoriate is the leading body of the Jupiter Syndicate. Pulled from the highest corporations with the most sway, the Directoriate holds the final say on all matters regarding the operation of The Jupiter Syndicate.  

Directoriate Meetings

The Directoriate runs all of its meetings on the Syndicate home planet of Victoriana. While they are not constantly in session, they convene to discuss matters every day for three hours. These meetings often will probe into the details of the military, company disputes and affairs, and governmental policies.   The meetings are typically hosted through holographic presence as a security measure to ensure the entire Syndicate leadership is never in the same room at the same time

An Sturdy Board

The Directoriate adjusts its membership every decade in which time any retiring CEOs are replaced. This is also the point at which new companies can make their plea to have a spot in the Directoriate. This change of the Directoriate can take anywhere from weeks to months of deliberation.   New companies rarely get to join the Directoriate directly, often times companies powerful enough to request a position will instead be merged into existing members companies.

Current Directoriate Members

Victory Incorporated Malcolm Blank and Osbourne Jadey
WWWWatchworks Walter Wyatt Whittaker
Magia Technologiae Eugene Eisenkov and Y'ceric tor Grylun'Siche
Willow Corporation Name Corrupted
SysTome Alastair Hepburn
Shroedinger Supply Name Corrupted
Fontaine Corp Name Corrupted
Notable Members


Author's Notes

100 Days of Ethnis

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