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Magia Technologiae

Written by Barron

Magia Technologaie is dedicated to merging style with ingenuity, efficiency with elegance. We make weapons that we'd trust our own lives to, so you know you can trust your own to them.

— Director Eisenkov

Magia Technologaie, also known as MagiaTech, is an original founding company of the Andromeda Syndicate. The company was founded by Eugene Eisenkov and Y'ceric tor Grylun'Siche with the idea of bringing the two firearm giants, Humanity and Khirmagne together.

The results were weapons that came from humanities designs, but optimized and overhauled with lethal Khirmagne payloads and weapons. The primary weapons output by MagiaTech were physical projectile weapons with the ability to take metaphysical as well as traditional metal-based payloads.

Originally founded on Eden, and one of the few companies actively in working with a Jhoutai based studio, The Bannercasting forced the Eden-based company to make a call, abandon half its workforce or join the defectors.

They joined the defectors, known now as the Andromeda Syndicate . The Jhoutai office as well left their home to join the Syndicate, and for the first time all of MagiaTech was under one Banner.


MagiaTech Automat Eisenkov

One of the most affordable and reliable pieces that MagiaTech offers is the MTAE. Based on Eisenkovs history, he brought back to the life a traditional human rifle that still uses a wood and steel construction from an era where Humanity was alone.

Reinforced to shoot modern ballistics, the MTAE is a popular choice to outfit small mercenary companies or Syndicate Expeditionary Forces. It is also popular among collectors due to its historical accuracy.

Universal Load Shotgun

A magazine-fed shotgun with a kick powerful enough to make a Khirmagne lean. The Universal Load Shotgun is unique for its use of a family of shotgun shells designed with metaphysical spells. It is often used as a support weapon in military applications.

First MagiaTech Æthernet Newsletter after joining the Syndicate

Welcome to MagiaTech's First Communications with our customers via Æthernet!

More commonly known as MagiaTech, Magia Technologiae was founded in the year (63 years after the rediscovery)* by Eugene Eisenkov, Coelynia Afverscon and Y’ceric Grylun’siche. The dream of MagiaTech was to merge together the benefits of physical technology with the inherent power of the metaphysical field. That is the same dream that runs in the hearts of the tens of thousands of employees who work in the many production and research facilities nestled right on Victoriana.

So many advancements have been made already by these innovative minds, such as the prototype Metaphysical generator seen on many modern space-faring vessels today, and the popular M12 power-enhancement rig. These two technologies are just a few outstanding products of a company always expanding and always making progress. Our company hopes that with this new way of communication, we can better serve our customers and keep those who are interested in what we do close to us.

–Eugene Eisenkov  


Eisenkov and Coalunea finalize the opening of the MagiaTelum division of MagiaTech, contracts already flowing in from both Syndicate corporations.

Valdutan signs production contract for Y’ceric’s M13-i3 combat harness, thus ending the three month political standoff

Aempian Peacekeepers “owe their lives” to MagiaTech’s Meta-Detector after it prevented the detonation of Quartz-bomb in Dir’rih Siervei.


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