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Y'ceric tor Grylun'Siche

Written by Barron



Y'ceric was born a native of Jhoutai in the wastelands of Khatoum. She was abandoned at a young age by her parents seeking to escape the harsh wastes. Left alone with her uncle, she joined up with one of the many Khirmagne mercenary bands that roamed Khatoum and bordering nations.   It was a life fraught with brutality, she took wound after wound and witnessed horror after horror. She consoled herself through the creation of new firearms, designing powerful new tools that she would use herself in combat. She was in her early twenties when things took a turn for the better.  

Meeting Eugene

During leave in a Khatoum hold, Y'ceric met a Gearheart trader with a thick Russian accent and weighed down with weapons from all corners of the world. Eugene was a merchant, and a gunsmith. Over enough drinks, Eugene got to noticing Y'cerics natural skill in design and made her an offer to join forces. Y'ceric, looking for her break away from the dreary wastes, joined Eugene.   After a brief skirmish with the Khirmagne warband Y'ceric deserted, Eugene and Y'ceric moved to the border of Aempis to begin working on their new projects.  

Becoming Unstoppable

Eugene and Y'ceric had a chemistry that evolved into a rapidly expanding firearms empire. Eugene with his love for humanities contributions to weaponry, combined with Y'cerics natural understanding of what makes firearms lethal in the modern world. With the idea of merging the lethality of Meta and Mecha, they founded Magia Technologiae.   They continued to grow through The Bannercasting and still thrive today in the Jupiter Syndicate. While Eugene has become mostly robotic, Y'ceric has adopted a Cybermantle so she can continue to work on making new designs for the Company.  
You know what? These Cybermantles are fantastic! I actually got shot to death last week by a absolutely thick-brained assassin.   Came back next week, designed a piece specifically to blow that snooty little Nasyk away and got to test it myself. Let's just say it was a success.
— Y'ceric
You think I get to where I am by sulking in my shitty past?   Hell no! Something shitty comes knockin' on my door, I design a gun to kill it.
— Y'ceric


Author's Notes

Summer Camp Prompt 14

Write about an influential woman in your world and what they achieved.

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