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Fontaine Corporation

There is no greater feeling that becoming more than yourself. To improve yourself beyond your natural abilities.

Fontaine provides all manner of organic or mechanical improvements to bring your efficency to the next level.

That and with hundreds of payment options, anyone can get the improvements that they dream of.

— Fontaine Salesperson
Fontaine Marketing Pitch

Fontaine Corporation is a Jupiter Syndicate company that specializes in producing Orga and Mecha implants, augments, and other body modifications.

They are one of the first corporations that established the Jupiter Syndicate during the Bannercasting. The company is currently headed by CEO Lincoln.

Premier Body Mods

Fontaine Corporation was founded off the invention of the IreHeart. The Pre-advent company went through many names and headquarters during Eden's tumultous history.

They were one of the corporations that founded the Syndicate, moving their business to Victoriana, where they still operate their headquarters, laboratory, and primary fabrication facility.

Serving All Kinds

While other CEOs kept Fontaine Corporation products mostly to humanity, under the guidance of the newest enigmatic CEO Lincoln, Fontaine Corporation has evolved to support all three Sophont and its kinds.

Fontaine Corporation's products are available to fit all Kinds. Sazashi, Verin, and Human. Even as new sophontic kinds are discovered Fontaine prides itself in producing adapters and models depending on demand.

What interests you? Looking to punch through steel? Hack through cyberware with the tap of a finger? Maybe you are looking to have an app that aims your gun for you?

Yeah, we got at Fontaine, and you can have it too.

— Fontaine Salesperson
Fontaine Marketing Pitch

Augmenting the Future.


Notable Catalogue

Body Augments

Replacement limbs, new and improved organs, additional limbs. All can be ordered and shipped to your local medical center for integration.

They produce models that range from basic organic replacement to mecha-enchanced super limbs that only the most affluent of users can afford.


Besides replacement parts, Fontaine produces augments that can be placed atop of existing functionality. Brain implants, skeletal grafts, dermal replacements just to name a few.

Outside the Syndicate

For customers outside of the Syndicate, getting Fontaine Corporation products might prove challenging.

The cost of inter-banner commerence can raise the already high prices of Fontaines products.

Fontaine Company products are commonly smuggled or counterfieted, and customers should be wary of cheap prices on body augments.

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Jan 2, 2021 23:14 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I really like the little note about counterfeit products - of *course* there would be some.   Are their payment plans good or are they predatory (or a mix of both)?

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Jan 3, 2021 21:40 by Barron

They are plenty good with their payment plans! That's a very fair question though, the problem is with costs so high and so many dangers in Ethnis there'd be plenty of people who'd default on their payments since they well... might be dead.

Jan 3, 2021 21:21

First impression: This company preys on folks insecurity by telling them that they aren't good enough, but with implants, they might be.

Jan 7, 2021 18:55 by TJ Trewin

Welp, I hope this won't cost me an arm and a leg! Or if it does, I want upgraded ones!

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