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Orga Technology

Orga Technology is a term encompassing all technology that involves the usages of organic material. Genestruction, and Bioweapons are examples of technology that fall underneath this category.

Orga harvests and harnesses the natural forces of biological process. The Edenic and Jhoutaioan biospheres are rich with adaptions to their environments. Orga adopts these traits to adapt to any environment.

Mecha and Meta are the lenses by which Orga is viewed. Without either, Orga could not have taken root. Now, as the Sophont take to new worlds, they bring the flesh and blood of the old worlds with them, transforming them into tools or sculpting them onto their bodies

New lifeforms are created regularly, some for purpose, some for vanity. Most Orga tech is weird, cheap, and unreliable, with the occaisional marvel to push the envelope. Most require some particular diet or formula for sustenance. Despite this, Orga is ubiquitous in The Hub and Outer Worlds alike. The possibilities are endless. Like moss growing on a wall, Orga fills in all the cracks.

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Orga Technology exploded upon the invention of Genestruction, when the Sophont gained the ability to program Organic materials. This technology first came to the Verin who used massive Meta facilities to program mutations into their own kind, making the Luea.

The largest result from this early Orga Tech was the fusion of Sazakraht and Verin known as the Sazashi.

Later Applications

Programming Bones to be denser, muscles to be strengthened, and DNA to become hardened. With the cheap cost of organic cultures, the industry of Orga tech exploded. Entire Arsenals were formed from Organic materials, the The Verin Haimarchy used the technology to create massive beasts named Leviathans.

Many diseases and maladies became repairable like one would fix a typo in code, which lead to the wide-spread adoption of regeneration and elongation of Sophont lifespans.


The basis of most Orga Technology, Genestruction is the technology that uses ironClad to engineer new organic devices. Entire lifeforms such as the Synthisaur can be created like any other piece of software. New behaviors and new modifications can be merged together to make new lifeform like utilities that Sophonts can use. Birds that work as drones, attack companions designed from the ground up to kill, all of it is possible using Orga Technology.


Orga Technology loses much of its value in space, where renewable organic materials are in short supply. It also is a difficult technology to harness and control, even with ironClad, living creatures can often have minds of their own. This becomes a problem when designing anything more than simple organic mechanisms.

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