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Turns out dinosaurs make great ecosystems

Written by Ademal

Synthisaurs are the synthetically created reinventions of dinosaurs that once ruled Earth. They started originally as ecosystem packages, designed to bring a stable environment to new worlds.   Over time, Abominable Creations Lab, the primary producer of Synthisaurs, has expanded their designs to include domestic and service roles as well.
For those non-human colonists aboard, dinosaurs are lifeforms which used to live on earth until an extinction-level event wiped most of them out. The original eco formation efforts of Kytheria used genetically modified dinosaurs, Synthisaurs, extensively, as they are very adaptable. It is recommended that you keep to the colony cities, as Synthisaurs are considered highly dangerous.   Remember, this ecosystem was made to make the world habitable, not safe. You must have red-level access to leave civilization.
Hestia, Foster Distro Engine of Kytheria

Ecological Placeholder

It's tried and true, the Synthisaur. Place them on any green planet and they will sort themselves out. Then again, just because we make them, doesn't mean they are safe. Don't forget that.

The Original Conception of the Synthisaur came from a Humanity eager to expand past the Hub Worlds. The Era of Expansion introduced new problems, such as creating stable ecosystems adaptable to Sophontic life.

Orga Technology companies saw this opportunity as a playground, and one company went back in history to a time when Eden was ruled by the Dinosaurs. Using the latest technology, they began to print and create what they called Synthisaurs. Trial runs of introduction Synthisaurs to seeded planets proved very successful. The Synthisaurs were predictable, sustainable, and controllable for the most part.

However, when the Melancholic Lacuna struck. These companies based on expansion suddenly had no market and no funds. The plans for Synthisaurs dropped in value immensely, and a single small trust named Abominable Creations Lab purchased the plans for a microscopic portion of their initial worth.

The investment paid off when the Lacuna came to an end, and the need for Synthisaurs rose once more. Abominable was the only company with the plans, and they turned from a small company to a multi-planet industry in the span of months.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Primary Production

Research and Development, Customer Service, and Behavioral Trials takes place on The Abominable Substation.

Conversation Starters

After the mass expansion of Abominable Creations Lab, they found themselves with plenty of money and resources. A new department was formed, dedicated to creating a new line of Synthisaurs for commercial usage. Their research would lead to the creation of the Synthisaurus Rex and Ferociraptor.

These subspecies have found some success, especially among the more eccentric of customers. They serve as unique pets, and fierce, customizable companions.

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