The Ferociraptor is a genetic cousin to the Utahraptor class of Synthisaur. Gifted with refined speed, a more imprintable brain, and a wide array of decorative patterns, the Ferociraptor is one of Abominable's flagship products.   They often are purchased in pairs or trios to help guard the property of the more eccentric of the wealthy class.
"Heel!" Herr Steinbeck called, tapping his can against the floor. Some mechanism within the rod made a peculiar rattling noise—I assume to summon his Ferociraptors.   A tumult of excited crowing echoed through the great hall, followed by the clattering of claws on stone. "Krrrt! Krrt! Krrrt!"   The ferociraptors came bounding in, pressed so close together that they bullied each other for a path despite there being a excess of space for them to work with. As far as I could discern they were playing, but I am no expert on body language.   The trio skidded to a stop behind Herr Steinbeck and crowded around him. One nuzzled at his elbow, running its snout along his forearm in an attempt to steal his hand for pets. He obliged, tracing his nailtips over the gleaming, leathery skin of its snout. Each had a maroon topside which transitioned through russet and brown before becoming shock-white at the belly. Winglike arms, complete with a fan of angled black and red feathers, rustled as they tucked them at their sides and looked curiously at me.   'Much like a dog,' I thought to myself. 'Albeit more predatory.'


The Ferociraptor was the first creature that Abominable Creations created by enhancing previous Synthisaur designs. It was the brainchild of the scientists of Abominable; a creation that would push Abominable from being a utility company to being a consumer corporation.   Previously Abominable Labs sold the existing Synthisaur designs to Banners looking to stabilize a planets ecosystem. Once the Ferociraptor was conceived, it was marketed towards the personal consumer market. It was to be a guard companion to the eccentric upper-class who simply wanted more than a canine.   Abominable Creation Labs used the success of the Ferociraptor to generate a brand new designer pet industry, one that it dominated by itself.  


The Ferociraptor has maintained itself as one of Abominables top-selling products. They are within the realm of affordability; they are resilient, loyal, and dependable. Over the decades, Abominable has continued to improve the Ferociraptor, adding new optional features and marketing it towards a personal companion.  


Ferociraptors are deadly predators by nature, and that is only enhanced by their genetic modifications. When left alone or released into stressful situations, they have a natural inclination to form small groups to survive and hunt. Their tactics in packs is more akin to wolves, where they attack from different angles to overwhelm foes.   Many have a natural stalking behavior when they see potential prey not facing them. When tame or calmed, they have a natural curiosity. They tend to nip at things that catch their interest.  


Ferociraptors have the base shape of a common Utahraptor, with powerful legs designed for sprinting and a series of gnarled claws on each foot for latching onto prey before delivering a nasty bite with its long tooth-filled maw. They are also powerful jumpers, able to leap nearly forty feet. Their arms are stubby compared to their body, and typically sport a plumage of feathers that go from claws to shoulder.   The Ferociraptor shows it particular designer background in the appearance of its exterior. Feathers, scales, and bony ridges can all be added, and their color can spread the entire visible spectrum through orga engineering. Some can be designed with entirely new features based on requests. Some can be made with armored carapaces or bioluminescence.

Ferociraptor! For those discerning customers who need a lot more than a guard dog.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Velociraptor Saccharum

Genetic Arsenal

Ferociraptor were designed to be ultra-customizable. They can adopt nearly any genetic trait, and have had several designed just for their builds.  
Sentience Upgrade
Felociraptors come with uplifted minds that give them similar intelligence to canines and the same amount of imprintability. This makes them easier to train, without breaking regulations against uplifting creatures.
Guanine Crystal Layer
A layer of controllable Guanine Crystals can be embedded underneath the scales of a Ferociraptor, granting it the ability to change the patterns and coloration of its skin.
Reinforced Keratin
Ferociraptors can have their genetic code modified to force claws to grow with a layer of hardened materials. This can make them much more effective against light armor.
Chromacy Expansion
Ferociraptor eyes can be upgraded to be able to see into more than the visual spectrum of light, which can prove valuable if they serve as guard animals.
Opposable Thumbs
Ferociraptor claws are designed to have a backwards digit that is opposable. This gives them the ability to manipulate and utilize tools.


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