The result of centuries of Apple of Hedonism bio-engineering and orga tech innovations, the Synthagon is among the most lucrative and dangerous products ever produced. With an ever growing arsenal of genetic modifications, the Synthagon is the ultimate form of destruction as made by sophontic hands.   The Synthagon is so expensive, lethal, and regulated that only a few dozen have ever been produced. Two of them are deceased, killed in the aftermath of a devastating terrorist attack. Three fight in Bel-Shaz'zr's Arena. The others remain in private or military hands.
I remember when the idea for the Synthagon popped into my head.   I was a young lad, sitting in a gathering of intellectuals, discussing what makes Virtual Reality worlds fun.   I remember Dave, a right bloke, chirped up "Dragons! Dragons makes a world fun." The room laughed, I laughed.   After the laughing died down, I started thinking about what Dave said.   "Fuck..." I remember thinking, "Ethnis doesn't have Dragons"   Only one thing I could do then, start drafting up Dragons in Ethnis.
— Todd Vanderslicht

A Missing Link

The Invention

The Synthagon began as a pet project of Todd Vanderslicht, a virtual reality engineer who turned his attentions to Orga-engineering after a conference on world building and game designing.   While he did not expect the decade-long side project to come to anything, he successfully used ironClad and Orga tech behind the Synthisaurs to emulate a design for a fully functioning 'dragon' build.   Creating the creature would have proved financially impossible for the lone engineer, so he was eager to accept a deal offered to him by The Apple of Hedonism.   Hedon would purchase the license and ownership over the design, and he would have his own Dragon, and a very comfortable position in Hedon's booming Orga industry.  

The Improvement

With a team of brilliant minds at his command, a secret headquarters, and the economic backing of a Banner, he began refining his design. He began making the 'final boss' he wanted. He reworked and strengthened the design, and patched in compatibility with most genetic modifications on the market. The resulting blueprint still ranks one of the most expensive designs on the market.   The danger of the design, and the wow-factor led to a series of pre-orders from some of the most wealthy inhabitants of the entire universe. A secret production facility was established, and in three more years, the Synthagon took its first breath.  

Limited Edition

The production of the Synthagon was a laborious and dangerous one. They were lethal, aggressive, and cunning. The design included the most intelligence allowed under inter-banner Sophonce regulation. Many customers who managed to purchase a Synthagon could not keep them. Some even escaped, and were not accounted for. It did not help that Hedon does not require tracking of purchasers, so not even the producer knows the location of shipped Synthagons.   Production was hampered to a crawl, with each Synthagon taking half a year just to print, two years after training.


20-30 Feet


40-60 Feet
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Synthisaurine Ultimum

Genetic Arsenal

Synthagons were designed to be ultra-customizable. They can adopt nearly any genetic trait, and have had several designed just for their builds.  
Dragon Breath
A Meta-integration that allows Synthagons to expel a programmed immolation spell from their throats. These are one of a Synthagon's primary weapons.
Synthagons are created using an ultra-light, ultra-durable skeleton. This allows them to fly using a reasonable wingspan that can be tucked to its sides.
Synthagon Claws are built sharp as razors and sport an hardness level equivalent to Sapphire and Corundum.
Using an alloy-enriched genetic blue-print, a Synthagon's scales can only be punctured by the most sophisticated anti-armor weaponry.
Opposable Thumbs
Synthagon paws are designed to have a backwards digit that is opposable. This gives them the ability to manipulate and utilize tools.


Enigmas are the unknown, uncertain, or unanswered aspects of a creature.
Where are they?

  Many of the Synthagons remain unaccounted for. They may be serving wily masters, or have taken over whatever location they were transported too.

Where do they come from?

  In order to preserve the design and prevent espionage, Synthagons are produced in a secret facility. No one knows the location.


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