Lord Bel-Shaz'zr, Prince of Glory

Written by Ademal

You know my name, even if you hate it.

— Bel-Shaz'zr

Prince Bel-Shaz'zr is one of the The Leisures of Desire, he is the Prince of Glory. He owns The Arena of Glory, a franchise of arenas testing all matters of skill and mettle, spread out across the stars, the worlds, and many, many stations.

His arenas are a massive source of income for Hedon, as—while they are not legal to view in every Banner, the peoples of every Banner find a way to watch it anyway, and tune in constantly.


It's such a guilty pleasure. I know I shouldn't watch, cause sometimes it's some really sick shit, but man, you learn a lot about the human condition when you're three seasons deep into watching 60 people dwindle to 10 as they try to survive one of Bel-Shaz'zr's Death Worlds.

It can't be that bad, right? They're convicts, after all...

— A viewer

Should someone survive and win an arena match (they can last from minutes to years), they are given the distinction of an offer to fight Bel-Shaz'zr in armed combat.

Roughly a dozen people take up this challenge each season. Every single one has died.


A wager. You draw my blood before I kill you, and I'll give you a world.


Rise To Power

Bel-Shaz'zr was orginally a Duke of Hedon who had dominion over a solar system when The Apple of Hedonism rediscovered that WayPoint, his is one of the few Hedon sects who turned their hidden control of a world into public control, then rose and rules successfully.

When Hedon refound the world, the Prince of Pride at the time tried to take the world from him by the standard Hedon method of infiltration and culture control.

He killed the Hedon infiltrators—for he knew their tricks, and turned the method back on Hedon, infiltrating several other Hedon worlds before revealing them and himself in a show of tactics and power that resulted with him killing the existing Prince of Pride while she was in court with Desire.

Naturally, this impressed her, as was his intent. After some talks and treaties, she gave him the role of Prince of Pride and he took over operations of the Arena.

He has since expanded the previous empire of the last prince, and aggressively takes new worlds for Hedon, terraforming them, paying it off with the livestreams generated by the Arena he places, and then handing off to the rest of Hedon to either immigrate to or sell to another Banner—likely to infiltrate it and control it anyway.

Divine Domains

War, Spears, and Fire

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Centipedes and Scorpions

Tenets of Faith

"Your beliefs only matter so far as you can enforce them."

Physical Description

Body Features

A Pale Horse

Bel-Shaz'zr is notoriously the only Amelanistic Shejlt. He had himself Genesculpted to be amelanistic, changing his fur from gold primary with white patternings to an inverse of ivory white (and gold tinted) fur with striations and patternings of actual gold growing in his fur. His eyes are similarly gold, and his claws are onyx black reinforced Carbitanium with gold-leaf gildings and obsidian-point edges.

Personality Characteristics


To remain the best fighter who ever lived.



He speaks in a clear, concise manner, but always sounds like he's about to attack you.

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Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • The Son of Suns
  • The Light of Pride
  • The King of Blades
  • Godslayer
  • Cutter of Angels
Current Residence
The Rose of Hedon
Body Sculpt, Custom UltraMasc
Aligned Organization


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