Doctor Shirley De'Agusta

Synthisaurs are akin to any other animal, we design them that way. Abominable seems to be under the idea that we should make creatures that are unlike any other animal.   That's how innocent people pay the price for a company playing god.
— Shirley De'Agusta
Shirley De'Agusta serves as the Chief Behavioral Specialist with Abominable Creations Lab. She is a reclusive individual, preferring the company of the Synthisaur over her co-workers, but her dedication and friendliness makes her well-regarded among her peers.   Her expertise on the Synthisaur and how to train them is unmatched, a skillset she has perfected over her two decades of employment.

Synthisaur Expert, People-Centric

Shirley is a well-known figure on board the The Abominable Substation thanks to her innate ability to control Synthisaurs. Though she is not outgoing outside of work hours, she is always helpful to those who ask her for assistance. She is known to be headstrong, holding to her beliefs strongly, even if they are detrimental to her career or health.   Her opinion towards Abominable Creations Lab as an entity is mixed. While she loves her job and her duties, she has expressed concerns to her peers that the company plays with fire when it deviates to creating entirely new creatures.   She plays no favorites to the company, and in many disciplinary hearings she has shown that she will side with her coworkers more often than company interests especially in cases where their safety is at stake.  

Wielder of Magic and Technology

Part of Shirley's job involves taking care of the Synthisaur during their training, which involves behavioral sculpting and medical care. She incorporates engineered pheremones and her Projections into her training regimen, using them to herd or placate Synthisaur.


Current Residence
The Abominable Substation
Aligned Organization
Abominable Creations Lab
Biological Sex Female
Faith Reformed Metatronic Church
Motivation To protect and care for the synthisaurs humanely without sacrificing the safety of the crew

Personal Affects

Laboratory Access An access chit securely fastened to her wrist. It bears a blue color and the emblem of Abominable Labs. It allows access to any working area on the station.
Behavioral Baton An experimental control weapon that can excrete engineered pheromones for coercing Synthisaurs. Also a shock inducing blunt weapon.
Pheromone Collection For use in the Behavioral Baton, can be used to debug and test Synthisaur behaviors of aggression or supression.


Shirley can provide immense help in controlling and placating the Dinosaurs. Though she will only help those who are there to protect the lives aboard.
Company Loyalty
A way to convince her to assist

 While she loves her job, Shirley places the safety of people above all else. This has led to clashing with the company under certain circumstances. It also leads to conflict with some of her high ranking coworkers who view lower coworkers as less important.

Do No Harm Mentality
A disagreement with her employers

  She also holds reservations about some of Abominable Creation's more militarized projects, she appreciates people who agree with her mentality.

Character Portrait image: Doctor Shirley De'Agusta by Evitcani


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I love her! She has a fleshed out personality and sounds like an awesome person to count as a friend.   Small typo, under company loyalty you added an f to "coworkersf".

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