The Melancholic Lacuna

Written by Ademal

The Melancholic Lacuna was an intergalactic dark-age marked by the closure of the WayHall when The House of Sorrows tried to start The Banner War.   Multiple Banners defended themselves by forcibly closing their Wayhalls by destroying or removing the Index. Nobody expected the entire Wayhall to close as a result of their actions, and thousands of colonies were left abandoned until The Reclamation began.   It is uncertain if removing the Indices is what actually closed the Wayhalls. Rumors persist that there was some other action one of the Banners took which caused it, but all the same it is illegal to try and remove or attack an Index, and may invoke the wrath of several banners to even attempt it.

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Notable Events

  • The closure of the Wayhall
  • Banner Infighting
  • The Æthernet blackout
  • The Archive of Stars is fragmented
  • Archivist Dimitris restores the Archive

  • Cover image: Hologram Wheel by Ademal


    Author's Notes

    100 Days of Ethnis

    This article was done as a part of the 100 Days of Ethnis.   See more on Twitter, World Anvil or Instagram!

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