Your Banner represents the society and norms in which you live.
  Your Banner is the major societal influence you live within. Each comes with its own unique societal codes, norms, and philosophies. Even if you are not zealous to your Banner, it still shapes who you are.   Depending on the scope of the setting you are in, Banners may be as localized as city gangs or as massive as intergalactic super-conglomerates, with thousands of options between.

Alternatives: Faction • Guild • Gang • Family • Tribe • Religion • Government • Company • Crew

For E.Lite Devs

Consider the scope of your setting and the major forces acting on that scale. If there are too many Banner candidates, consider categorizing them into types and having players choose one of each.   For example, religions and governments could be two different types of Banners and your players must choose one of each.

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