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Ashley Kidd Keyes

Fleet Admiral Ashley Kidd Keyes served as commanding officer of the Somnolent fleet that destroyed the Index that connected Tower Spoke and Via Lactea.

Many believe Ashley's actions started The Melancholic Lacuna, though there is no scientific data to prove that as the case.

I have never once questioned the will of our Divine, but I did weep over it when we shut ourselves off from the universe. It was for our survival, but the amount of loss it caused

The mourning will taint my soul in this life and any beyond.

— Ashley Kidd Keyes
Banner Affliations
The Church of The Somnolent
Service Rank
Fleet Admiral, Divine Chorus

A Military Prodigy

Ashley Kidd Keyes was born into a military family and fated to a military career. With both a mother and a father serving in the Somnolent navy. She graduated from the Marin Wayfaring Academy and served the navy in the many skirmishes that defined the Expansion Era.

Keyes proved herself resourceful and devestating in combat, striking many much needed victories for an at the time outgunned and outmanned humanity. She eventually made her way to Captian and then to Admiral. By declaration of the Somnolent, she was promoted to Fleet Admiral, commanding the largest Somnolent warship of the era.

She used the magnetic railguns of her vessel to destroy the Index and sever Eden from the rest of the Universe.


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