Your Sophont represents the unique features of your physiology
  Your Sophont is your body and all the features thereof. Perhaps it is that you're one of the rare born with the ability to use magic, or that your kind grew up in space. Whatever it is, your Sophont defines your starting Attributes and a starting ability.   Depending on your setting, your Sophont could less be different races and more be nuanced differences within a single race, such as children compared to adults or spacefarers compared to terrestrials.

Alternatives: Species • Race • Bloodline • Bloodtype • Zodiac • Planet • Morphology • Mutation

For E.Lite Devs

Even a setting without multiple races has options. In one setting you might differentiate how people raised in space grew up with an immunity to zero-gravity sickness, in another it might differentiate age groups between kids, teens, and adults, and in others it may represent their zodiac sign or blood type!

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