A class of Orga Technology that involves large scale weaponry that is designed to destroy or debilitate a planet through biological means.


The History of Bioweapons stretches back to the first Orga Technology, when biological weapons were first introduced on the field. Modified diseases were among the first, but as the technology advanced, entire weaponized lifeforms became a devastating weapon on the battlefield.   The morale loss that Bioweapons caused made them gruesome alternatives to sending people to their deaths. Many Bioweapons are set and forget, adding to the paranoia that they cause.  

Public Opinion

The usage of Bioweapons while extremely effective, can cause mass sanctions and loss of opinion among the general public. Bioweapons are often cruel and uncaring, killing anything that moves without discrimination. This combined with the perceived cheap nature of using a Biowepaon in war leads to dishonorable accusations.  

Primary Wielders

Hedon is notorious for using Bioweapons, it's lax regulations and extreme personality leads it to be the foremost user of these cruel machinations. They are not exclusive users though, other Banners have been known to use Bioweapons in extreme circumstances, though they are oftentimes more secretive about its use, while Hedon may use their Bioweapons to send a message.
There is nothing crueler than watching some sick organic machination tear apart people mentally and physically. It scars you, like no other warfare can.
— Bioweapon Engineer

Notable Bioweapons

The Ongleon

Easily the most lethal of the bioweapons, the Ongleon serves as a reminder of a Bioweapons ability to render entire planets uninhabitable. These microscopic seeds of death can be launched even from a ship, and will grow and consume until there is no organic material left assimilated.  

Seeker Grenades

A smaller scale bioweapon, these living creatures can fly at tremendous speeds and explode on finding a target. They can be dropped by the thousands, massacring an entire city within minutes.  

Engineered Diseases

Sophontic immune systems have become nigh impenetrable to most natural occurring diseases. However, with the improvements in Orga Technology, new diseases can be made that bring even the most stalwart immune system to its knees.


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