Mecha Technology

Mecha Technology involves all technology that involves synthetic materials and electricity. From the most crude of spears made of rock and wood, to the most advanced drone software using ironClad and space age alloys.  

The History of Mecha Tech

Each Sophont has used Mecha Technology in one way or another, some such as the Humans used Mecha technology exclusively until the introduction of Meta. With all races having their own takes at Mecha, the technology exploded when Humanity met the rest of the Universe.   The invention of the ironClad language also caused an explosion of Mecha Technology, the universal language made cross-sophont and cross-power projects far more feasible, and its integration with other Technology clades began to meld the line between the clades.  

Critical Technology

Many critical technologies have come out of the Mecha tech, many forms of Ballistics use Mecha tech to power them, whether that be through chemistry or Meissner Antigravity.   SuperGlass uses modern glasswork combined with modern alloys to create a cheap to produce but extremely durable material used as both structural integrity and armor plating. Some technology use Mecha with other Clades to make the previously impossible the possible. Æthernet technology came about using Meta and Mecha to create faster than light communications.  


Mecha Material is often non-renewable and can be geographically difficulty to obtain. Perduro gained much of its power thanks to its stores of Platinum which is a material used in many items of Mecha Tech such as Meissner Antigravity engines.   Mecha Technology also used the most Energy to operate. Massive powerplants are required to run large amounts of Mecha Tech, and powering portable Mecha technology can become a chore especially in survival situations.

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