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There is nothing sleeker than that keen blue shine of a fresh set of SuperGlass plating. Safe, sleek, sexy.
— Mecha Tech Wielder
SuperGlass is a crucial element of Mecha Technology. Consisting of a silicon based glass infused with rare metal alloys this glass is cheaper and stronger than most pure metal alloys.   It's weight and ability to be formed allows it to be used on items as small as personal armor, serving as powerful protection.


SuperGlass in its refined and molded form is a opaque and reflective surface, tinted blue or silver depending on the alloys used in its construction. It is smooth to the touch, and holds its shape even with shattered thanks to the alloy keeping the glass together.  


SuperGlass is commonly used in Armors for defensive purposes, replacing pure Metal in many applications. Its ability to withstand impacts and still stay intact has made it invaluable as protection.


SuperGlass is cheaper to produce than pure metal alloys, as the glass filler is cheaper to produce than the equivalent amount of Metal alloys.  


Fabrication of superglass involves weaving metal alloys into a sturdy glass structure, reinforcing the glass to become stronger than steel.


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