Mister Schroedinger

Cor'rin Schroedinger Tor Victoriana— known better by his marketing name "Mister Schroedinger", is the current CEO of the general goods supplier Schroedinger Supply.

A man from a storied background, who rode his eclectic personality to the Directoriate of the Syndicate.

A Rare Breed

Cor'rin was born to a Nasyk Counter pilot— Tok'kilz, and an Ireheart entrepreneur— Mrs. Schroedinger. The process for his birth was a public affair, it was not a cheap undertaking to create a human child that has traits of a Sazashi and until recently it had never even been heard of.

Cor'rin himself is an Ireheart like his mother, but his eyes hold the same brilliant red and diamond pupils as his father. His pale skin tone is streaked with dark stripes and spots, another gift from his father.

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No matter where you're at, Schroedinger's Supply has your back!
— Mister Schroedinger's Promise
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

A Born Salesman

Never one to waste an opportunity in the Syndicate, Mrs. Schroedinger capitalized on the interest in her sons cross-breed birth. Cor'rin grew up into the family business, a chain of general goods stores that operated within Syndicate space, he became "Schroedinger's Baby."

Every other Victoriana month the new Schrodinger Supply Æthernet deal-zine would go out, and it always began with little Cor'rin proudly flaunting the newest products that his mom wanted to sell.

The company grew alongside him, and all the way to his late teens, he was still the same Schroedinger kid that plastered the company.

"Cor'rin. I hope you always know that you don't have to do any of this." It was another day of shooting the deal-zine, Cor'rics dad reached over to grab the newest toolkit now that his son had just finished showing off.

"Well, you want to sell it right?" Cor'ric seemed unphased by the weight of the question, it certainly couldn't be heavier then that toolkit.

Tok'kilz's ears twitched, pondering his next words. He didn't care to talk, that was his wifes job.

"Yes but, just know that if you ever feel an Akjhe, a purpose that calls you, chase it, even if it is far away from here."

"I understand," Cor'rin grasped what his Father was suggesting, "but surprisingly I think I feel right at home."

"Well, I'd never dare talk you out of it."

An End to the Era

Despite being born into the limelight, Cor'rin never saw reason to dislike his position. He enjoyed the family business, and pushed hard to learn how to run and operate its day to day. He traveled between stores, signing products and slamming jokes like a true salesman.

Cor'rin came home from one of the newest branches, and found his mother face down on the table, in nothing but her nightgown. In front of her, an overturned bottle of booze and a holographic war-time photo of her husband.

Cor'rin surmised what happened. His father had been killed in combat.

The first "Mister Schroedinger" had fallen.

Taking Over

The loss of Tok'kilz threatened to sink Schroedinger Supply. His mother, suffering from a broken heart, struggled to carry on. Auric therapy may have cleared her mind, but it left her apathetic to the family business.

Cor'rin, in memory of his Father, pushed on. He offered to take over the operations of the family, and with his Mother's blessing took on the title of "Mister Schroedinger."

Growth Surge

Despite losing what made originally made Schroedinger Supply special, the new Mister Schroedinger reforged the company image. He was as ruthless but charismatic in the boardroom as he was in public.

He organized mergers, expanded to new marketplaces, began their own production lines, and struck exclusivity deals with some of the largest companies in the Syndicate.

You want to know how confident I am in our newest survival kit? Well here I am, in the middle of Sig V's desert with nothing more than the Mark III Survival Kit.

I'll see you all in three days!

— Mister Schroedinger

Marketing Stunts

Maintaining that his personality needed to carry his business forward, Mister Schroedinger turned his advertising into a mix of adventures and product showcases.

He went to the farthest reaches of Syndicate Space, into the deepest jungles and hottest deserts to show off just how useful Schroedinger Supply's goods were.

He wasn't content to show off the product, he had to live the product. It was a far cry from the "Schroedinger Baby" of old, but it worked just the same. People tuned in for the fun, and left money for the product.

Entering the Directoriate

One of the last places that Schroedinger expanded was dedicated space delivery systems. Massive frigates and smaller automated wayships that could carry product to any corner of the plotted universe.

It was an this acheivement that caught the eyes of those in The Directoriate, the small group of CEOs held a rare vote to induct the a new member.

The motion passed unanimously, and Mister Schroedinger was brought aboard to serve in the Directoriate.

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