Schroedinger Supply

No matter where you're at, Schroedinger's Supply has your back!

Schroedinger Supply is an Andromeda Syndicate corporation, headed by the Monolith of Sales, Cor'rin Schroedinger Tor Ruhrport.

Before Cor'rin was invited to The Directoriate, Schroedinger Supply held their headquarters on Victoriana. Since joining, they purchased the material-rich Ruhrport system. Within the system they built a new corporate headquarters, with the largest underground manufacturing complex in the universe.

Schroedinger Supply prides itself on a massive range of products, and having them available no matter what Banner or system you are trapped in. It is rare to enter a system and not be able to find a Schroedinger Supply Traveling Merchant. They do this by not only maintaining their own fleet, but also allowing anyone to lease out their ship as a 'franchisee.'

I swear I'm so tired of exiting every single wayhall and getting those stupid adverts for the local Schroedinger Supply. It's like bugs on a windshield. That said, I really do need to get some Slog and ammunition for the next haul...

— Sazashi Wayfarer


Supplying the Universe

Schroedinger Supply runs outlets in most known space in the universe, and in order to fuel such a massive operation it requires massive facilities and logistics. There are many planets with have assembly lines for Schroedinger, but on their corporate world, known as Ruhrport, the entire planet is a massive factory.

This factory makes thousand upon thousands of product lines in Ruhrports massive underground facilities and fuels the production through harvests of the local asteroid belt.

There is no where in the known universe you can go where we can't get you what you need!

Though of course there might be a premium for the extra travel time.

Requsitions and Research

Schroedinger Supplies thrives off of always offering the basics whereever and whenever you need it. A single company entity could not deal with the amount of demand from operating such a broad business. To get aroudn this, Schroedinger operates the largest Franchise in the universe. Any ship can set up a portion of its space as a supply point for Schroedinger Supply customers.

Schroedinger is also very aggressive with buyouts of competitors, any general goods store that starts dominating an area might find itself buried with mergers and offers.

A Schroedinger Smile at Every Store

One of the many holographic personalities that 'staffs' Schroedinger Supply kiosks across the universe.

Automated retail is critical to run a business so large as Schroedinger Supply. With so many stores to run and so much 'personality' behind the founder Mister Schroedinger, the automated aspect of the company sought to merge efficiency and personality.

Each store is 'headed' by an artifical intelligence that manages stock and orders. They are programmed to have bright smiles an cheery personalities.


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