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Rurhport is the culmination of my legacy, the cliche magnum opus. Just imagine, the universe's greatest production complex and yet not a machine in sight.

Oh yes, I can give you my word that you can spend an entire year surviving the wilds of Ruhrport and never once encounter the factories of Schroedinger Supply.

Owning Entities
The Andromeda Syndicate (Current), Schroedinger Supply (Charter Corporation)
Current Leader
Mister Schroedinger
Characters in Location
Inhabiting Species

Production, Survival, Recreation

Ruhrport is the primary planet of the Ruhrport System owned entirely by the Schroedinger Supply corporation. The planet is a layered construction. On the surface, the planet is a nature reserve simulating dozens of ecosystems from Jhoutai, Eden, and many more.

Below the surface, the largest manufacturing complex stretches for thousands of miles beneath the surface. Tunnels, assembly lines, refinement facilities, and testing labratories attached to the surface via inconspicous access points.

The Capital of the planet, Uloan, is the only city with most of its construction above the surface it caters to the high-ranking employees, tourists, and thrill seekers. All other cities have most of their construction beneath the surface, with only the ports and cabin-resorts above ground. On the north pole, a massive space elevator brings down resources from the space mining operations.

Rest and Relaxation

Ruhrport on its surface is a planet-sized nature reserve, all funded by Mister Schroedinger's deep pockets and love for the challenges of nature. Guests, tourists, and valued employees are all welcome to stay in the Reserve Resort, and even more income is provided by the popular Gauntlet streaming show.

Many of the cities have smaller versions of Guantlet and Resorts, catering to unqiue clientele by being stationed in all sorts of different natural biomes.

The Gauntlet

Welcome one and all! It's time for another round of the Gauntlet! We have plenty of participants all willing to stake their lives on our products and their wits. While some of them may perish, you can guarantee it isn't the products that cause their downfall!

Just remember as you are watching, that every product you see in use can be purchased in our latest Schroedinger Supply Catalog!

— Gauntlet Announcer

The Gauntlet is a massive walled Nature reserve that serves as grounds for a streamed entertainment program that pits people against nature in a free-for-all. The first person to escape, or the last person left standing wins.

When a game is started, camera drones will zip around the facility, following the participants. Supplies are dropped in, all made by Schroedinger Supply of course. They can find better equipment and head to the extract points marked by beacons of light that shine in the night.

Participants in the Gauntlet fight for many reasons; some are prisoners looking to earn their freedom, some are taking on a bet or looking for that winners pot of Rukta (Currency), others are seeking the thrill of the challenge.

There are no safeties in the Gauntlet, people can be defeated, injured, or killed by the savage nature of the Gauntlet or by each other.

The Reserve Resort

We've spent three days trekking across the expanses of the New Valdutan trial. It's like walking through a time machine, the natural plains are untouched by agriculture or the estates of the Parisan.

Yet somehow we walk without once worrying about a Sazakraht mauling usm even if we did see one. A drone zoomed in to redirect us out of its new territory.

— Reserve Guest

Nestled within a valley between two mountain ranges, the Reserve is a recreational complex for those with deep wallets and a love for the wild. Any sport is available, and there are hundreds of miles of trails and caves to explore.

The trails are marked by which ecologies they will take you through and the difficulty of the run. The longest trial takes a guest through the entirety of the Jhoutian ecosystem, from the deserts of Kajh-Tai to the corralum tubes of the Valuser'rh Region.

Unlike the rest of the planet, these paths are protected by drones that track the guests. If any guest enters a situation where their life is at risk, the drones will calculate ways to stave off and redirect any threats.

The Reserve also sports an open hunting ground, where hunters pay per hunt. There are less protections in the hunting grounds, but guests are still under watch to ensure they are not killed during their stay.

Dispersed Industry

Thee surface bathes beneath a shallow vale of nature, and below that lay an endless sea of machinery, labratories, and living cubicles. Beneath each city is a massive industrial complex with underground Meissner Trains connecting each ato the north pole of the planet.

At the north pole, a freight port with a ring of space elevators ships and receives an estimated ten billion tons of products and materials each day. As the train routes grow further from pole the types of industry change.

If you are looking to visit Ruhrport, but are on a budget or love industry, take a day trip down through the Meissner Tunnels. You'll watch an entire days worth of production happen over a several thousand kilometer journey.

— Ruhrport Tourist Taskforce

Ruhrport would cease to exist without the multiple asteroid clouds that orbitted the outer rim of the Ruhrport System. A fleet of mining vessels work around the clock to harvest precious metals from the belt and return them to the north pole for refining.


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