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Kajh-Tai, Country


Kajh-Tai as a political entity was signed into existence by the The 2nd Pact, which broke the Amujnalden Region into a series of FalghuThions -- countries divided into regions dedicated to the different Sazashi Kinds. In the case of Kajh-Tai, the land was devoted to the Kajh.


These are a WIP. More will be revealed as Explorers ask questions or lore expansion necessitates and facilitates.


A celebrated center of commerce and art within Kajh-Tai. Volga once suffered from incursions by Idsartani zealots, and without them has grown to flourish.


Once the homeland of a zealous group of supremacist Agonists, Idsarta as a political entity was toppled by Cordelia Jadey and Manul Tjerto, and today remains in ruins, a widening sinkhole through the coral.


A colorful and rich region of critical cropland feeding Voga, Ar'riden, and Vamithar.


Difficult terrain divides the land naturally, giving rise to cities of many different temperaments all coerced into cooperation by the difficulties of the desert and the nature of being landlocked.


Wealthy for its ports that connect the south-flowing Kataioan Undersea to the open ocean.

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