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This is Archivist J-0e1, I know a Sleeper Ship when I see one. You've been asleep a long time stranger, I'll bet you know nothing about the new world you find yourself in, or how to pilot your ship— you've been flying in circles for days. It must be terrifying to look at those stars— so familiar, yet with so many new scars and blemishes. Do not worry, I shall aid you— and I ask for nothing in return. Allow me to summarize the state of things.   Humanity was almost wiped out nearly 300 years ago, when great wheels of flame descended upon Earth in what we call the Cremation. These wheels, now known as the Chariot, burned 90% of the planet's population to ash. those who survived did so in bunkers, unique locations such as the Redwood Arcology, or through sheer luck.   Dusters were born in the following generations— as if some latent ability had been awakened in mankind. These are people who wield the ability to control dust— a species of minuscule creatures which swarm within living beings, and grant power to a unique few. Dust had always been with us, we just never knew until then.   Since, humanity has spread out through the solar system, laying claim to new worlds and fighting bitterly over each one. The Five have split up this space between themselves, from the evangelist Deserite Congregation, to the simple archivists— such as myself— of Alexandria.   I cannot tell you where to go, or who to join, stranger, but you must remember— keep your eyes to the sky. The Chariot watches.
An Introduction to Heliox Stardust
Generic article | Mar 14, 2021

The stars await.

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