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Qet was born from the viscera of a fallen god, their bones forming into the ground beneath your feet. Their tears becoming the oceans, rivers, and lakes. Their skin covered the land, giving rise to plant-life, and becoming home to the creatures born from the rest of the being's body.   You, too, were born from this god.    

What is Qet?

Qet is a dark fantasy setting and TTRPG with heavy doses of cosmic and body horror, with inspiration in part from ancient Mesoamerican civilizations.  

Using this site

This site is set up in a wiki-like fashion, think of it like a digital encyclopedia containing everything found within Qet; from nations, characters, and religions, to monsters, weather, and everything in between.   Each article will end with a set of related articles for you to dive into, alongside a list of articles from the same place, or category.


Tooltips show extra information when hovered or tapped on.   Article links show a short summary about the article on hover or tap.   Pronunciations? for difficult words can be found by hovering over the ? icon.
  Start by reading on, you will soon come across the introduction article, which contains in-depth info on where to start. You may also navigate by the category links and table of contents at the bottom of this page at your leisure— and see where they take you.

A world of flesh

Monsters, formed from the god's digestive system, are driven by ceaseless hunger. Humanity, formed from the god's beating heart, is driven by emotions. Animals born from the great being's nervous system serve to connect everything together.   The rest...the rest of the god's viscera have become great and powerful beings which are able to shake the world to its core— these are the aspects. Be wary of them.  

Eldritch Forces

All around you, occultists work in the shadows to gain power from other eldritch beings, or exploit what little remains in the festering corpse below their feet. Eldritch beings often pursue their own, typically unfathomable, goals at our expense. They are not to be toyed with— their power is vast and unimaginable to our ilk.   Should you desire power, it's better to pursue alchemy. Just be careful to avoid mutation— which can all too often go wrong, leaving you crippled or dead rather than in possession of a body enhanced with new limbs and abilities.   For now, you wander the continent of Rqet— a warm land home to several of the greatest nations of Qet, and natural wonders as Tchaoxlik?— a vast system of caverns where strange life has dwelled for untold years, largely unknown to those of us living on the surface.   I wish you the best of luck, traveller— you will need it.  
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