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  Qet was born from the viscera of a fallen god, their bones forming into the ground beneath your feet. Their tears becoming the oceans, rivers, and lakes. Skin covering the land giving rise to plant-life, becoming home to the creatures born from the rest of the being's body. Monsters— formed from the god's digestive system— seek to consume all. Humanity, the beating heart, is driven by emotions. Animals from the great being's nervous system serve to connect everything together. The rest— the rest have become great and powerful beings which are able to shake the world to its core— be wary of them. All around you, raving lunatics cry out to other powers— other gods— which seek to exploit the remaining power in the corpse, to feed on our minds, or some other nefarious goals we cannot comprehend. These beings are not to be toyed with— their power is vast and unimaginable to our ilk. Humans, too, wish to obtain some modicum of this power— going to terrible lengths, often leading to the deaths of many. Alchemists try and distill a smaller portion of this from the plants and animals around us— this power is not great, and not one to be wary of. It is the alchemists who try and take power from monsters that should not be trifled with; twisting their bodies— and sometimes those of others— into inhuman creatures, some forgetting who and what they once were.

  For now, you wander the continent of Rqet— a warm land home to the Broken Red Desert in the west, the Ytoulch Chtol jungle in the east, Nipinoul— the spine of the world— sits high over the burnt plains in the north— and islands isolate nations in the northwest. Underneath much of this, lies a vast network of caverns known as Tchaoxlik— where strange life has dwelled for thousands of years, largely unknown to those of us living on the surface.

  I wish you the best of luck, traveller— you will need it.  

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